10 hottest YouTube trends in 2020

Just a couple of years ago, 80% of users searched only for entertainment videos on YouTube. The beginning of 2019 marked the arrival of a new direction – informative videos. Almost 45% of viewers now use video hosting not only to relax but also to learn something new.

Next, we’ll talk about the best 10 YouTube trends in 2020 – Digital Agency London

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Trend No. 1. The popularity of expert opinions

If you are an expert in any niche of business or making money through the Internet, then making a video in such a topic will be one of the most rational decisions. More than half of the citizens of our country shop through the global network.

Before buying, they watch a video with product/service reviews. If the author bothers to take brief reviews of the most popular product lines, the success of his video is guaranteed.

Trend No. 2. A thirst for knowledge

We have already said that YouTube videos are no longer typical entertainment. Now, video hosting is starting to migrate smoothly from the entertainment section to the training one.

In 2018, 30% of the views came from YouTube’s educational topics. In 2019 – this value increased to 55% + according to forecasts of marketing experts for 2020, this indicator has every chance of overcoming the 70% mark.

Bearing in mind education, we do not put restrictions on related topics – this may include both Science and reviews of new products. If you want to follow the trends, then making a video in the educational direction will be one of the best solutions.

Trend No. 3. Social network integration

Many people perceive YouTube only as a source of the video, however, every 10th user of a video hosting service knows that the service has its similarity to a social network. Instead of making a video and forgetting about the channel for a couple of weeks, the author can establish feedback with subscribers, taking the depth of content viewing from his page to a whole new level.

Trend No. 4. The rise in popularity of live video

For 2019, more than 15% of YouTube’s video content is online. It’s easier for some authors to make a video, but when using the Live mode, it’s easier for a person to establish feedback with the audience, respectively, the credibility and income of the entire channel are growing.

Advantages of Live video on YouTube: to shoot video in the online format, you do not need to have a professional camera. It is enough to have a smartphone and desire to create; viewers are avid on online video, as they consider them more sincere in comparison with the classical presentation of content; about 90% of viewers prefer not reading posts on networks, but watching videos on YouTube.

Live format is the future of YouTube. If you want to get a lot of subscriptions with minimal effort, then this trend is for you.

Trend No. 5. 360-degree video

Technology does not standstill. If in 2017-18 to meet a 360-degree video was a curiosity, now there are a lot of videos of this format on YouTube. Buying a camera and shooting a 360 video is not a problem now.

You can find high-quality equipment even in the economy segment – from $ 100 per camera with an average zoom.

Trend No. 6. Adaptation of vertical video for mobile devices

The authors of the “vertical” got more opportunities to distribute their content. If we take into account the growing trends in the popularity of video views from phones, in 2020 more than 60% of the audience will switch to mobile format, and therefore, there will certainly be more vertical videos.

Trend No. 7. Strengthening Moderation

An automated video verification system may not always adequately evaluate the content that is uploaded to YouTube. In the years 2019-2020, YouTube plans to strengthen the moderation of incoming content.

In addition to bot checks, doubtful videos will also be checked manually. The duration of moderation will increase, and it will become very difficult to remove a dubious viral video.

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Trend No. 8. Using video promotion helper tools

Another not very good news for beginner YouTube. If earlier, you could shoot a video, upload it to YouTube, and just wait until it “shoots”, now this method of passive promotion works very rarely.

In addition to high-quality video, you have to worry about the SEO component, and this is an extra headache.

Trend No. 9. For maximum effect, the video will have to be promoted in other communication channels

To retain an existing audience you must regularly share useful content with them. If you don’t have a channel for several million subscribers, you need to not only create videos but also correctly promote them:

  • Mention the new video on the pages of the company in other social networks;
  • Add links to videos in the email newsletter, briefly describing how it will be useful to people;
  • Publish a blog video on the site;
  • Record interviews with experts from related fields – this will increase your reach.

Trend No.10. YouTube for new knowledge

Recently, online education has attracted more and more people. The format is especially popular with an audience of up to 20 years (more than 30% of them on a video platform). In total, more than half of users come to YouTube for new knowledge. Use this trend for your purposes – shoot training videos on topics in which you can mention your product or service.

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