10 tips for choosing a name for your YouTube channel

You have decided to create a YouTube channel. Let’s get to the name choice?

At first glance, this is a simple matter, but … for me, it is always the most difficult. And for you? Read the article to the end, and you will forget about this difficulty once and for all.

Why is it important to choose the correct name for a YouTube channel?

Name of youtube channel this is what your visitors see first. They decide whether to continue exploring the youtube channel or not. Click on it in the search results or scroll down the page. Besides, the correct name will promote the youtube channel on its own. Each time, driving in a key phrase, visitors will find you.

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What should be the name of the youtube channel? There are several criteria.

Make it:

  • Understandable – explain to your visitors what your youtube channel is about.
  • Original – make your youtube channel name easy to remember.
  • Memorable – that’s how they can find you by simply driving a phrase into a search engine.

Tips for helping you create a name for your YouTube channel – Digital Agency London

1. How do I come up with a name for a YouTube channel?

Start to come up with different options. Do not limit yourself to 5-10 variants. Use your imagination and write out 40, 50, 100 points. After that, select the name that will meet the criteria indicated above. You can also consult with friends/colleagues/buyers.

Brand name with a light and beautiful sound

Apple, Nike, Tesla are simple and memorable names. If you also plan to create your brand, then there should not be any problems with the name of the youtube channel. Give it the name of your brand or company. The more often your business flashes online, the more people will search for your youtube channel.

Another option is to name the youtube channel by your name.

You can choose different options:

  • name and surname;
  • nick;
  • nickname;
  • last name + word “channel”.

2. Create a name based on your purpose

Typically, people watch a video to learn something or relax and have fun. What will you bet on? And what videos will you shoot? It can be educational or motivational videos, reviews, or entertainment shows.

For example, Online Java lessons, Yoga for Health, United Traders, Learn to be smarter than money.

3. Choose a name for the YouTube channel depending on the interests of the audience.

Make a portrait of your customer. Think about what he is striving for, what difficulties he is facing, what he is looking for in the search, what videos he is watching and what channels he has subscribed to. And based on this, come up with a name.

For example, How to learn to draw, Wake up the genius in yourself, Chess lessons for beginners (RUS), How to learn to sing – Vocal Academy, Video tutorials for Lady.

4. Analyze competitors

If you have no ideas, peep at others.

Explore popular youtube channels and choose the most interesting and illustrative titles. Browse the channels of your competitors. What tricks do they use? Try to understand their approach and apply it to your business.

5. Look to the future of the channel

You will not become popular in the first days. Channel promotion takes time. And perhaps you will have new opportunities. You have noticed how the content on the channels changes over time. Become more advanced in both pictures and content.

Think about what you want to implement in the future and choose a name based on this. So, you will not need to change the name and confuse existing subscribers after a year.

6. Use rhymes

This is a good way to create a beautiful title for a YouTube channel. Yes, it’s hard to pick them up. But popular brands, bloggers, filmmakers take advantage of this. Join this company.

7. Pun

Since YouTube is an entertainment resource, a pun will help you get the attention of your visitors.

Catch some interesting examples for inspiration:

  • have long been hated;
  • the uncontrolled fit of brightness;
  • you know more, avenging tighter;
  • work burden;
  • narcotics;
  • chocolate removes the press;
  • freedom;
  • turn the clock back.

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8. Alliteration

This is a repetition of the same or similar consonants. Its main advantage is the ease of memorization youtube channel name. For example, Coca-Cola.

9. Oxymoron

This is an expression that contains conflicting concepts. Thanks to the connection of an unconnected brain stop at this phrase and try to imagine it. This plugs in the creative right brain and arouses interest.

Examples of oxymorons:

  • sad joy;
  • dead Souls;
  • end of eternity;
  • true lie;
  • society of dead poets;
  • back to the Future.

10. Come up with a funny name for your YouTube channel

Humor is popular. And if you can find a cool name for your youtube channel, please your subscribers.

Finally, catch some more interesting examples:

  • Wake up the genius in yourself.
  • The Adventures of Flying Penguins.
  • Woolen stories.
  • Piping hot! – recipes per minute.

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