12 secrets to improve your memory today

How to improve memory?

Several secrets to improve your memory

“I forgot! I forgot something! ”How often do you pronounce this phrase at least mentally? Let this “something” be something important!

We all partly suffer from memory loss: some forget where they left the keys, others why they went to the store, and some cannot even remember their name. If at the same time you do not have a terrible hangover and you are not a student with sudden partial amnesia due to increased preparation for exams, then you need to identify the causes of memory gaps and deal with them using appropriate methods. There are secrets on how to improve memory!

You probably noticed that some information is remembered much better than others. This banal veil becomes interesting if you observe how memory works for different people in different situations.

Take, for example, a lecturer in mathematics. At the end of the lecture, one person accurately remembers its contents and the thesis of the lecturer. The other practically forgot all this but remembers the accent and dialect of the lecturer, including the specific expressions that he used, as well as the grammatical errors he made. The third one does not remember either one or the other, but can accurately describe the shape, color, and style of the lecturer’s clothes and even say how many buttons were on his jacket and how many of them were buttoned.

This amazing difference in the remembered information is largely related to our personal qualities, interests, preferences, and abilities, as well as social status. Knowing your characteristics, you can use them to improve memory. And also our little secrets below will help you remember better.

To better remember – read books.

The quality of memory is greatly influenced by what we devote more time to – watching TV or reading books. Books help to improve memory!

The secret of people how to improve memory lies in healthy sleep – Digital Agency London

During sleep, the brain evaluates what happens during the day and decides which of these to keep in mind. Disturbed sleep affects the ability to properly build memorization. In addition to the total duration of sleep, the minimum duration of uninterrupted sleep is important.
If you want to learn how to improve memory and remember better, unload your head.

Forgetfulness is, in general, a useful feature of our brain. It saves us from the glut of information. Therefore, it is worth periodically freeing your head from useless information and writing it in a notebook.

Factors of memorization and how to improve memory.

What affects memory?

What is the best way to remember? Scientists recommend walking with my eyes closed.

A US professor, Lawrence Katz, developed exercises called neuroscience or brain fitness. The method is as follows: you perform all the usual actions for you (take a shower, dress, etc.) with your eyes closed. It turns out that the more active the brain cells, the more they secrete the substance neutrophil, which provides brain vital activity and helps to remember better.

Learn to relax to remember better

Not difficult breathing exercises will help you with this. Breathe slowly, concentrating all your attention on breathing. Try to exhale as slowly and completely as possible. This is facilitated by the retraction of the abdomen (diaphragm lift).

For a change, inhale and exhale very quickly several times in a row. While walking, adjust your breathing to the rhythm of walking.
Go to the open window or go outdoors.

Stand straight with your back straight, relaxing your arms and shoulders. Inhale deeply through the nose – so that the stomach sticks out. Hold the air in your lungs, then exhale slowly. Thanks to these techniques, you will quickly saturate the brain with oxygen and help yourself improve memory.

Exercise to improve memory

Do you know that for improve memory is not a new invention? The art of improving memory is over 2400 years old. Greek scientists also proposed methods for training memory – and this is mainly the mental transformation of texts into pictures.

Thanks to which you can improve memory whole books. But these and other methods invented in ancient times were forgotten. And only at the beginning of the 20th century, the training of memory and the study of new methods of mnemonics again gained popularity to improve memory.

The secret of improving memory “How is it better to remember for a long time?”

To better remember certain information for a long time, that is, transfer it to long-term memory, you need to learn how to create an installation. Setting on long-term storage of information is a very simple process, but it requires you to concentrate, and conscious effort.

Improve memory secret “What is the best way to memorize theoretical material or a poem?”

The secret is to periodically repeat the learned material. If you have learned a poem, made long-term preservation of this information, then this is only half the story. To remember him over the years, you need to repeat it.

A very good example of this is jokes. Once you hear a joke, with regular repetition, you will never forget it. You must remember that almost every person has a good memory. The question is her training.

If you constantly use a notebook, then most likely you will notice how difficult it is for you to remember this or that information over time.
And if you are not interested, if any material for memorization does not attract your attention, it will not be easy to teach you. And it’s not your bad memory.

To improve memory and better remember, a goal is needed. For example, your objective is to speak a foreign language fluently. Then you will easily be given difficult words to remember. The rest is a matter of technology.

And the last secret of memory – Try and you will succeed!

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