5 secrets of brilliant sales that everyone knows (but no one uses)

Do you want your sales to always be high?

I do not know a single entrepreneur who would know any ingenious (and preferably simple) sales secret. They read books, articles, tips in batches, go to training, master classes, or conferences.

This is the right tactic, and it helps to pump sales skills. But there are secrets that all this time lies under their “noses”. You, most likely, also know them … but do not apply.

Want to fix it today?

Then we will not linger anymore and get down to business.

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1. Make warm calls

Your first contact with a potential customer should not be cold. I suspect many entrepreneurs now disagree with me. They will say: “Cold calls still work fine. I do it myself. ” I will not dispute this position. But I am convinced that before you sell something, you need to “warm-up” relations with a potential client.

Agree, it is easier to buy from a friend than from a completely unauthorized seller who calls you while you are at work, in the store or the shower.
And no matter what they say that “you just need to be able to use cold calls,” my advice is to get to know a potential customer before calling him for the first time or sending an email with a purchase offer.

How to do it? But just in case, I will voice several options:

  • Communicate with your audience on social networks: publish valuable content, share knowledge, give a reason to have fun and chat. Answer questions and comments, interact with people.
  • Use email marketing to build a more “personal relationship” with each potential customer.
  • Conduct a webinar on a topic relevant to your audience. Such a live chat breaks down barriers and helps to establish warm relationships with participants.
  • Naturally, this list is not complete. You can come up with a ton of other ways to get to know each other.

2. Turn your cons into pros.

Even if you are a beginner at business and you do not have many customers do not despair. Just flip your cons to the pros. For example, the following phrase may help your advertising materials:

“None of the millions of buyers of sofas experienced the comfort that our new Relax sofa will give you.

3. Built trust –  Digital Agency London

Before discussing business, establish trust with your client. To establish trust, you need to prepare and do your homework:

– find out if there is something in common between you and the client?
– is there any news about the company (articles in the media) for the last period?
– the client is interested in sports and so on.

Get ready, learn a little more about the company and the client’s identity, and you can build trust.

And even after the sale, give your customer support:

  • send useful materials that will help you get more benefits from using the purchase;
  • call to inquire whether the client is satisfied with everything, whether he has difficulties;
  • if difficulties arose, do everything possible to eliminate them.

There are plenty of options to care about. The main thing is to use them. If you become a reliable source of help for your clients, they will thank you many times in return.

4. Do not sell

I know what you just thought: “That’s the news. They talked, talked about sales, and what did they come to? ”. We have not moved away from the topic of sales. I will explain now.

So, you got a potential customer. Only 1 step separates you from the sale. You are already looking forward to a successfully closed deal, but … It turns out that the client is not ready, he wants to think he has no money … 1000 reasons prevent the purchase. Is that familiar?

Obtaining a lead is not yet a success. And here you need to work hard to convert it into a client. Therefore, I recommend concentrating not on the desire to sell, but on building relationships.

Immediately starting with the sale, you run the risk of scaring away the person. But having built a trusting relationship, you can bring him to purchase easily and naturally.

5. In an interview

Mary Kay, the founder of one of the largest cosmetic companies, to the question of what is the main secret of her success, replied: “I know that every person, regardless of gender, age, position, has an invisible sign on his chest with the inscription: “Let me feel my worth!”

Most of our contemporaries have a clear lack of evidence of their significance. And if you manage to make the client feel significant – he will work with you long and happily.
The fifth secret is the most difficult, as practice shows.

Too often, companies declare that “The customer must be loved,” “The customer is always right,” thereby causing sellers to quietly hate customers. Imagine being easy to love someone who is always right?

(By default, it is mentally completed that the seller is always to blame). In my opinion, it’s much more productive to teach sellers simple tricks that give the client a sense of their value and at the same time increase the value of the seller and the company!

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