Adrenaline Studios Content Design Company

Adrenaline Studios Content Design Company

Adrenaline Studios Content Design Company

Adrenaline Studios is a content design company, which is ready to provide a high level of service and great results to its clients.

Today only useful content works well and consistently.

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Content strategy

Content Strategy focuses on content. Content strategy deals with content planning and management – not just for websites, applications, online stores or promoting digital products.

Sometimes, especially in small companies, content strategies are designed to create valuable content. But their task is not simply to create content on a specific topic in a professional field. The main task is to analyze the situation in a particular field of activity, and create your own system of brand promotion in the digital space as an expert in this field.

Content Design

Content Design is the design of everything related to content visualization. Websites and applications include various types of content: text, images, animation, video, sound, etc. Content design is designed to create a single image and style for all content and brand authenticity.

The confusion surrounding this term comes from the fact that several years ago, before the term “UX Writing” (UX Writer) was coined, it was popular in Britain to use the definition “Content Design” to talk about planning, writing and managing online texts.

It is not clear why a term was chosen that was already used for something else? Although the term “UX Writer” (UX writing) is more relevant, specific and understandable, there are companies that still use “Content Design” (Content Design) instead of “UX Writer” (UX writing).

In short, “UX texts” (UX writing) are only part of the strategy and design of the content, but these two disciplines include other tasks that have nothing to do with writing UX texts.

Since these four terms are relatively new, it is likely that you will find other definitions in other sources. But in any case, keep in mind that writing UX texts, content strategy and content design are not the same thing. Just like marketing and UX are two different things.

On this principle, the whole discipline has grown – content marketing. The essence of it can be described simply. You give people free information, they are imbued with trust and respect for you and some of them become your customers.

In general, content marketing requires a long systematic work. After all, it is necessary to organize the production of high-quality materials and their distribution.

How does the content design company use useful information in your business?

Step 1. Fill the site with interesting content

When filling the site is very important to follow the rules of the modern approach to the creation of texts (copywriting):

Texts should be in the interests of users. People are looking for answers to their questions. We clarify these questions in different ways (in particular, making up the semantic core). And having learned the needs of readers, we write texts that clarify the situation for them.

Texts should be clearly written. We do not pour water, respecting the time of readers. We format the texts so that they are easy to read and provide them with thematic illustrations. In other words, we do everything so that the reader quickly understands the answer to his question.

Texts must contain unique useful information. Stolen content is not appreciated by readers, and search engines “punish” sites for duplicates. We write unique content confirming the professionalism of your specialists. You have a lot of experience in solving the problems of your industry, so why not share it with potential clients? A content design company would help to do this.

Step 2. Start e-mail newsletter and blog

Creating attractive content is half the battle. It must be delivered to readers. Moreover, it is better to do it regularly, so that your potential customers do not forget about you. Email marketing is for this purpose.

Technically, the process looks like this: you collect a base of voluntary subscribers and organize the regular distribution of letters for them. Occasionally, you can insert advertising or information about promotions but believe our experience, without interesting content such advertising will not work.

And if you also establish a dialogue with subscribers, answer questions and find out their interests, distribution becomes just an indispensable marketing tool.

It is very important to constantly replenish the subscriber base and be prepared that someone will unsubscribe.

A corporate or personal blog from a content design company can work independently or be part of email marketing. The blog can be a discussion of content by readers, which again increases their loyalty to you.

The price of creating content for a site directly depends on the order quantity and text requirements. Our team is professionally engaged in the complex creation of sites, one of the important tasks of which is the creation of interesting, unique, selling content. High-quality and unique text is a pledge of high positions of your site in search engines and, as a result, high sales of your goods and services.


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