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What is content marketing? The bottom line is that content is fundamentally slightly different from other areas of marketing, such as SEO, for example, or SMM social media marketing.

Because they all exist only because there is content. This is how environmentalists exist only because there is this environment.

It’s worth thinking a bit about it: without content, – SEO will have nothing to optimize, Facebook has nothing to spread about, and Google has nothing to look for.

In light of the above, the meaning of the sensational phrase “Content is King” at one time becomes more obvious: content is king! Every e-mail, every tweet, every landing page, every page of the site and every product description are all examples of content.

Our content marketing agency is a content development company.

Why do you need – Digital Agency London

Content marketing involves creating high-quality materials that are interesting to your target audience. Using content marketing, you increase your popularity in the market, become an expert in the eyes of your target audience, and as a result – increase your sales.


Your materials will appear on all sites that your target audience visits – media, blogs, forums, thematic sites, groups in social networks.

Expert position

The publication of expert materials will increase the confidence of your target audience. If you need to solve a problem in this area, they will remember, most likely, about you.

Detuning from competitors

The publication of high-quality and useful materials is a good opportunity to stand out from competitors.

Getting better leads

Content marketing helps to prepare your target audience for the transition to the next stage of the sales funnel.

Strengthening Internet Marketing Tools

Quality content will enhance your work on search engine optimization, increase the conversion of contextual advertising, help increase the coverage of posts in social networks.

Content marketing is the art of communicating with potential customers when instead of aggressive and dry selling you help him by creating various useful materials. Content can be of any format – articles, selections, expert comments, answers to questions, infographics, guides, guidelines, videos, and others. Like the methods of its distribution – they are limited only by the marketer’s imagination. Among the popular ones are the company’s website, social networks, email mailing, thematic platforms (media, forums, blogs, portals).

Stages of content marketing

Audience analysis. The first step is to understand for whom we are writing, about what and what we are writing, in what form and on what platforms. Answers to these questions will give the study of your target audience.

Content audit on the project. We will give an understanding of where we are now and where to go next.

Definition of work strategy. Based on the characteristics of the niche, the needs of the target audience and the activity of competitors, a content marketing strategy is being developed.

Preparing a content plan. On the basis of the strategy, specific works on its implementation are prescribed – the topic and type of material, a platform for publication, and terms.

Creating TK. Formation of a detailed technical task for the creation of the necessary materials.

Placement of content. Publish content to pre-selected sites.

Analysis of the results. Tracking selected performance indicators – coverage, site transitions, activity in social networks, sales.

It is worth emphasizing that content marketing is not a one-off advertising campaign, it is an ongoing process that should be part of a marketing strategy. This is more an approach to product promotion than a set of tools.

Do you need a content marketing agency?

Now probably few people ask: do I need a website? The question is “do I need content marketing? why do you need content?”.

About why you need unique content and what specifically affects the use of such a tool as content marketing, you can read here.

Where to get unique content?

So, if you have already wondered: where to find/get/get/get unique content? where to buy content? How to fill the site with content? How to make content work?

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There are actually not so many options:

a) create content yourself;

b) find freelancer;

c) take the content manager to the state;

d) create a content marketing division in the marketing department;

e) find a content marketing agency.

There are quite a few defining parameters for choosing the optimal variant. And each of these approaches has its advantages and disadvantages. Here we will not go into the controversy about the “right choice”. We can only say that much depends on the specifics of the business, on how the company has the budget and on how ambitious goals it sets itself.

Content marketing agency development services include:

– Development of content marketing strategies;

– Writing content marketing plans;

– Integration of content marketing strategy with the overall marketing plan;

– Development of a system of key indicators to assess the effectiveness of marketing strategy implementation.

Content marketing agency offers various forms of content:

– Writing posts for blogs, articles for websites;

– Copywriting of texts and other content for natural advertising native adds;

– Development of electronic books (ebooks) and the creation of other materials in electronic form;

– Copywriting of landing pages (landing page), pages of contact capture (squeeze pages), sales pages (a sales page), pages of lead generation (lead generation page);

– Copywriting of website content;

– Writing white books (white paper);

– Creation of case studies;

– Development of infographics;

– Video creation;

– Production of podcasts (podcasts).

– Content implementation on other sites (press releases, placing content on other resources)

In addition to being a content manager directly in content creation, a content marketing strategy includes a plan for expanding its presence and influence in social networks and e-mail marketing tools.

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