Adrenaline Studios Film Production Company

Adrenaline Studios Film Production Company

Adrenaline Studios Film Production Company

Video production is a relatively young, but rapidly developing field of activity. In this area, professionalism is important not less than in any other. Our film production company is ready to carry out even the most difficult task.

In order to provide our customers with truly high-quality video products, in our team of film production company are working experienced specialists with appropriate qualifications, extensive experience in video production, high-quality equipment and a creative approach and a lot of effort at each stage of product creation.

Video production details

Video production is a complex process, with many subtleties, in connection with which amateur video can not be compared with the quality of professional shooting.

In order to create high-quality material is not enough to have good equipment. It is important to be able to use all of its potential and all the possibilities that the operator receives when working with modern devices. Our specialists are well-versed in the world of video equipment and, if necessary, use all the possibilities that it gives to their owners.

In addition to work on setting up equipment, choosing the appropriate parameters for a particular type of shooting, the work of operators consists in selecting angles, lighting, colors, saturation and other important parameters. Not only the quality of the video, but also its “mood” depends on how correctly they are selected. It will depend on this, what impression will make the video, and accordingly – how useful and functional it will be.

The team of film production company doesn’t stop working on video shots. The footage needs further processing, requiring no less professionalism. At this stage, all frames are mounted in a single video sequence. At the same time, all the removed parts of the video are viewed, the best frames are selected, some of them are deleted, and the best ones are assembled in the correct order, creating a complete picture.

All sorts of video effects that make the movie more natural and attractive can be applied both in the entire video and in its individual parts. Sometimes writing in artistic effects does not need at all.

Adrenaline Studios film production company is a video production studio that creates materials of exceptional quality thanks to an experienced team of specialists who are able to create real video masterpieces with the help of modern equipment and their creative approach.

We create video content of any complexity and focus: filming viral and commercials, concerts, presentations, corporate films, music videos, and video-accompanying events. Panoramic video shooting in the format of 360 degrees and online broadcasts and in the format of 360 degrees, panoramic virtual tours. Professional photography. Graphic design projects: 2D and 3D graphics, infographics.

Scenario and creative

Carefully analyze the audience and placement channels. Creating a script and creativity, we always proceed from the client’s marketing objectives.

Casting and playgrounds

Own base of more than 500 actors. Working with us you do not need to overpay agencies. Provide a selection of candidates during the day.

Any kind of filming

From simple on Canon mark3 to Red Epic 4k. Exit, studio, staged with the actors, video for chroma key and just objects in the studio.

Video editing

Own assembly based on MacPro without glitches and freezes.

Computer graphics

We have a great video designer in the state, which reduces the time for communication. Plus, the debugged system allows you to attract the best specialists for each project.

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