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Simple advertising is gradually becoming a thing of the past, opening the way to a more advanced and, frankly, advantageous phenomenon, which is called a promotional video. It allows the most colorful and informative spread to the target audience the necessary information about your company. The presence of such a video is a big plus.

The best way to declare yourself as a company providing high-quality goods or a high level of service and comfortable conditions for a client is to place a promotional video about your company on your website. To do this, you must contact a promo video company such as Adrenaline Studios.

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What is the promo video?

Promo is one of the varieties of advertising videos, allowing having a more impact on the target audience. The creation of promotions is usually necessary to promote a specific product (service) or to inform customers about an important event in the life of the company.

During their work, Adrenaline Studios specialists have accumulated vast experience in the production of promoters with a wide variety of content, format, and duration. Many of them can be seen on the official websites of our customers and on other Internet resources.

The purpose of promo video – Digital Agency London

The purpose of the promotional video is to report to the viewer comprehensive information about the company or the product that will help you to make a choice on your company. All self-respecting companies in parallel with the creation of the site put a priority on the production of a promotional video.

In contrast to commercials, which can be broadcast on television, promo videos are created for posting on the network or for demonstration at various events. Promotional videos made by a promo video company can have not only a narrow thematic focus but also represent the activities of the company as a whole.

A promo clip is always specifics and building a script near the key information about the release of a new product or the appearance of a service. At first glance, it may seem that this simplifies the task of those engaged in the creation of promo commercials.

However, in reality, it is sometimes more difficult to make a promo clip than to make a promotional video about a company.


Marketing research revealed that 60% of customers who watched the video show interest in the products offered, and 30% make a purchase after the first viewing.

How do promo videos solve basic business problems?

Attract interest. With the help of high-quality and bright demonstration, you can bring to the audience all the advantages of the company, describe the advantages of products, the relevance of services, offer original and exclusive opportunities for customers.

Create a positive image. The purpose of promotional videos is not only interesting and attractive to advertise the business, but also to create a unique image of the company. A short film about business is an opportunity to show the methods of work, achievements, and successes of a brand, its significance.

Increase in conversion. Vivid pictures, live images, interesting and detailed information will attract visitors to the site, page or group in social networks, increasing the number of views.

Increase sales. In sum, all the listed benefits unambiguously lead to increased sales activity and increased interest in products.

A large part of the target audience is waiting for promotional videos not endlessly flashing before their eyes, but interesting information that promotional videos can give.

Features of promo videos made by promo companies

Any promotional video is filmed according to the script.

Before writing the script, the screenwriter gets acquainted with the features of your company and its competitive advantages, understands the structure and the scheme of providing services or selling goods, gets some idea of ​​a future promotional film, and approves it with the client and starts writing the script. All these actions take a promo video company from 5 days to a month.


promo video company like Adrenaline studios can offer the following types of promo video:

– Staged, which is filmed with the actors and the director according to the original script. This is the most difficult and expensive type of promo video. A large team works on it.

– The animation is made with the help of animation tools. The animation is usually simpler and more economical to produce.

– Promo — commercial, filmed by the method of reportage shooting. This is the easiest and cheapest movie.

What kind of format to choose? It all depends on the tasks of the client. The presentation of a particular service is sometimes better done in animation. For small businesses, a simple promotional video is often suitable. And for a large advertising company staged advertising video is needed.

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Rising your company rating

The rating takes into account the interest of visitors to a company, to its events, coaches, news. In addition, the rating is influenced by the number of applications for participation in your events submitted through the portal, as well as customer evaluations of your courses, training, etc.

Rating indicators are recalculated every day, and in general, the rating takes into account interest in the company and its events over the past 3 months. This means that a surge of interest in the company, or vice versa, a decline in attendance six months ago does not affect the company’s rating at the moment.

The presence of a promotional video that has collected a huge number of views and brought general recognition to a brand or to a certain company makes it possible to regard it as complete and successful. The ability to evoke trusting feelings from both customers and potential partners, customers brings its popularity.

A promotional video is a business card for a business owner, the face of his company. A promo video company helps other companies and businessmen make them more popular.

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