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The Android operation system is highly demandable and widely used nowadays. As for business development, it is rather a profitable idea to develop applications for this platform, because in such a way the target audience can be reached as soon as possible. Android App Development Company in London in working in this sphere for a long time, and ready to offer its customers the best level of service.

The price of development for Android will always be determined individually. However, in any case, you pay for the finished project, and not for the time spent on its creation. Clients have at their disposal more than five years of company experience in creating an Android mobile application and a staff of specialists that is constantly expanding and developing.

The customer receives a documentary confirmation of the obligations – all conditions are fixed in the contract.

How is the development process for Android? We single out a few basics:

  • In Java files, you describe the program logic — what you want your application to do.
  • In XML files, you design layouts – the look.
  • Once the application is written, you need to use the build tool to compile all the files and package them together in an .apk file that you can run on Android devices and/or publish on Google Play.
  • All utilities and files that are used to create an Android application are combined into an integrated development environment (IDE). An IDE is a program that you open to edit your code files, as well as compile and run.

Android App development standarts

Previously, the standard IDE for Android development was Eclipse, but now it has been replaced by a more functional Android Studio, a product from Google.
Of course, you will find deeper processes taking place behind the scenes of the above steps. For example, advanced users will want to know the role of the Dalvik virtual machine. At the end of the article will be listed links to useful resources with which every Android developer should be familiar. The first of these is the official documentation from Google.

Do you want to stay in touch with the client, without making any extra efforts? Ordering an application for Android is a great way to inform the target audience about everything that happens in your company.

The global community of Internet users is growing every day, and what seemed impossible yesterday, is becoming a reality. The development of mobile applications for Android is profitable.

Many opportunities open up with him:

  • increase profits and increase sales;
  • introduction of new products to the market;
  • formation of a positive attitude of users to the product/service;
  • product advertisement.

But for now, let’s move on. Here is what we will discuss in this article:

  • Download and install Android Studio.
  • We learn about launching and testing applications on Android devices and emulators.
  • Let’s create a simple Android application that displays “Hello World” on the screen of a mobile device.

Android App Development Company in London provides a high level of every product, so no big surprise, that most of the clients are choosing it again and again. Android App Development Company in London has impressive practical experience in this field and can guarantee its clients high results.
Android App Development Company in New York, on its turn, creates high-quality products that help to solve business problems, develop it, and achieve goals.

Creation of Android App Development in our Digital Agency London

The process of creating applications by Android App Development Company in New York includes:

  • Market analysis: market audit, search for popular competitive applications in your segment. Android App Development Company in New York pays attention to the design, usability, functionality, and compliance with user requests;
  • Prototyping, UX design, development of technical specifications for the project – usability: Android App Development Company in Chicago provides development of transition schemes, the embedding of screen logic, interactive prototyping of screens, creation of graphic design using UX | UI elements, description of technical requirements for the application;
  • Technical part: development of front-end and back-end parts of the application. At the development stage, the front part is the layout of the application screens, linking together and programming the functional part of the application;
  • Publication in Google Play: Android App Development Company in Chicago publicize the application for access by users around the world;
  • Android App Development Company in Chicago does everything to ensure that the user who installed the application wants to use it further, easily finding the desired information, products or services.

Benefits of Android App Development

Android App Development Company in Los Angeles guarantees for its clients:

  • awesome practical experience;
  • team of professionals, who thoroughly carry out their work;
  • an integrated approach to the implementation of the task using modern techniques and technologies.

Android App Development Company in Los Angeles works on the basis of an agreed technical task. This allows the client to always know what is happening and monitor the implementation of each sprint, qualitatively assessing the results of the work. Android App Development Company in Los Angeles is a company, which is always ready to find the best solution for its clients. Thanks to the professional approach, all the clients can be sure, that their business will be successful and profitable.

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