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About our company

We are a small animation studio that is passionate about what we do.

We have been working in the computer graphics industry for a long time, but there are things that we do especially well: CHARACTERS, ANIMATION, SCENARIOS.

Our approach to work is based on balancing the three components of the project: CREATIVE, QUALITY, BUDGET.

Our services

Character development

3D characters. 2D characters. Talismans.

  • Full development of all kinds of characters from the character Bible
  • before Animation.

Animation production

3D animation. 2D animation. Stop motion animation.

  • Production of animation videos, short animated films and cartoons, music videos.

Project development

Cartoon, animated series, game or brand accompaniment.

  • From script writing to final incarnation.

Outsourcing studio services

Art development: sketches, characters, locations, animation.

  • Let’s take some of your worries on ourselves.

Company advantages

  • Love for business
  • We do our work with inspiration, so our products are of high quality and creative.
  • Attention to the client
  • We do not seek to take on every possible project. We work with a small number of clients and pay due attention to each of them.
  • Optimal cost
  • We always make sure that the project is justified from a marketing and commercial point of view and brings the desired result.

Doodle videos are effective, dynamic, positive and vibrant commercials in the format of animated presentations and infographics. A hand-drawn ad is a powerful tool for promoting and increasing sales 3-4 times on the Internet, on social networks and on Youtube!

With the help of Doodle videos, you can easily reach potential customers, improve your brand awareness and increase the number of hits up to 50%.

Our advertising method is a cartoon for very busy people who do not want to overload their brain with information once again. They want to rest. Let them rest while watching your ad.

The Doodle Video Advantage

Increases the time spent on the site at times:

hand-drawn videos grab the customer’s attention and draw them into your offer.

Increases conversions by 50%:

clear calls to action will help incentivize the visitor to send you a ticket.

Explains complex processes easily:

even if you need to sell a synchrophasotron, the video will help explain to whom, why and why it is needed.

Increase sales by 3-4 times:

The audience “warmed up” by a cartoon is more inclined to buy, as they already like you 🙂

Increases brand awareness:

Doodle video for web promotion is a great branding tool. now everyone will know about you!

Unique viral content:

bright, interesting videos that you want to share on the Internet!

Doodle videos – best animated commercials

Advertising pursues a modern person literally everywhere. And, for the most part, ads are boring and annoying. So how do you promote your business while winning the love of your customers rather than annoying them? The answer is simple – order a doodle video.

A hand-drawn video is a relatively new trend in the field of Internet marketing. The use of such videos allows a concise but informative presentation of all the advantages of your company, product or idea to the viewer.

A distinctive feature of doodle videos is its format. In such videos, the viewer observes the process of creating what is happening in real time. Often, in such videos, there is a hand in the frame, creating the drawings.

Doodle video in Almaty – what makes it special

Video marketing is rapidly gaining popularity. This happens, firstly, because the modern pace of life is noticeably accelerating, especially in large cities such as Astana and Almaty. And people just don’t have enough time to read. Therefore, it will be difficult for busy people to convince them to buy something using dry text blocks.

Secondly, people perceive, understand and remember information presented visually much better. Therefore, an animated commercial in Astana will be much more effective in drawing attention to the product or service being promoted.

An animated presentation makes information of any complexity much more accessible for perception. Speaking specifically about animated video, there are several factors due to which it simplifies the perception of information.

Duration. Drawn videos, for the most part, last no more than 60 seconds. Thus, they do not have time to tire the viewer, but they have time to arouse his interest.

Painting style. Hand-drawn video doodle will appeal to both children and adults. And all because the style of drawing in such videos is very simple, often even for children.

Humor. The vast majority of doodle videos are created with a humorous flavor. Such advertising will not get bored and will not cause irritation.

An animated video is a lively and fresh way of presenting a product to an audience. This original approach to business promotion makes doodle videos an effective marketing tool. The cost of drawing videos depends on several factors. For a more accurate price, contact a representative of our studio.

Why does everyone need an animated video

You can use hand-drawn video to advertise, literally, anything. Depending on the seriousness of the information that needs to be conveyed to the viewer, a drawn video may contain a different amount of humor. Doodle video infographics are more suitable for presenting more complex data.

Regardless of what product or idea needs to be promoted, it is worth ordering an animated commercial, if possible, for each company for several reasons:

Ranging. Having a video on your site will give it a higher ranking in search results compared to sites that don’t have videos. Additionally, the ranking is positively influenced by the fact that animated video increases the time people spend on the site several times.

Interest. The entertaining form of describing the merits of the product makes the video malnourished. An informative, but at the same time, funny video will arouse people’s interest in the product, and the desire to buy it in order to get to know it live.

Awareness. Due to its peculiarities, doodle videos with a competent script and a well-thought-out plot will be remembered by the audience. Not only will they know about the brand and recognize its products, they will recommend it to other people.

The above factors, both collectively and individually, lead to increased sales. But in order for the doodle video to be as effective as possible, it is better to entrust its creation to professionals. For each client, the cost of working on the video is discussed individually. The price of the video will vary, depending on its length and the complexity of the plot.

What a hand-drawn video can be

Visual marketing has been successfully used to promote business online and offline. Depending on the goals that the commercial should be able to cope with, you can conditionally divide the doodle video into three types:

Directly doodle video. The main “trump card” of this type of video is originality and positivity. Each video’s unique storyline is designed to show viewers the strengths and appeal of the product.

Such videos are convenient not only for brand or product promotion, but also for training or consulting. This is the simplest type of doodle videos, its cost in Astana is quite affordable even for a small business.

Video infographics. If you need to promote some more complex idea, or you need a boring presentation of statistical data, video infographics in Almaty would be a suitable type of video.

With the help of such a video, you can demonstrate what is difficult or impossible to show in an ordinary “live” video. This type of video is more complex and will cost more.

Animated video. This type of video differs from others in the way it is narrated. Animated video in Astana is used in cases when information must be submitted on behalf of not only a person, but even an object or animal. In such videos, the main task is – a well-thought-out protagonist. If it is created correctly, the viewer will associate himself with him, which will increase his confidence in the subject of advertising.

An animated commercial is most relevant when it is necessary to interest potential partners or employees, or to convey some information to existing ones. Or when a company wants to show viewers its strengths and benefits. In such videos, there may not be a call to order or buy something. It is more important for them to submit information in full and as creatively as possible.

What tasks does the doodle video solve?

Practice has shown that the use of drawn videos contributes to faster and more successful website promotion. At the same time, their cost is democratic enough that they are available even for small companies.

Promotion of your brand is not the most suitable field for experimentation. Therefore, it is better to order the creation of doodle videos from professionals. A high-quality hand-drawn video, designed and created by specialists, effectively copes with the following tasks:

Increased conversions. By increasing the interest of viewers and the time they spend on the site, a doodle video can increase the conversion of a site by 40-50%. Such an increase in conversions, in turn, can lead to an increase in sales by 3-5 times. According to statistics, only about 10% of people turn off animated videos without watching them to the end.

Creation of a viral effect. The original plot, non-standard drawing, humorous shade – all this makes the video so interesting that people have a desire to share it. Therefore, a high-quality hand-drawn video will provide itself with a viral effect.

Increased brand awareness and loyalty. Each video uses a certain soundtrack – music and sounds. Sometimes even one viewing is enough for viewers to begin to associate the music they heard in the video with the subject of advertising.

And when the voice of the announcer talks behind the scenes about some of the “secret” moments of product creation, the credibility of the brand grows. Viewers will be waiting for new videos to find out something else interesting.

Doodle video in Almaty: Internet promotion is easy

The use of drawn doodle videos allows viewers to become interested in themselves and their product. Depending on the goals you set for the video, a certain type of video will be the most appropriate.

Whichever type of video you choose – they all successfully perform the same tasks – increase conversions, increase rankings, lead to increased sales and brand loyalty, and also have a positive impact on the company’s image.

Affordable price and high efficiency are not all the advantages of such rollers. Regardless of whether you need to induce the viewer to buy a certain product, or you want to make complex information more accessible to perception, doodle videos will help you.

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