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Why Adrenaline Studios?

APP developers UK create mobile solutions for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. APP developers UK go through all the stages of the cycle of creating a mobile application – from idea to implementation and support.

APP developers UK have done a lot. Our specialization is high-quality services and applications for serious tasks and start-ups of adventure. APP developers UK implement applications from scratch that are amazing in speed and usability.

The choice of the developer as the choice of a lawyer, the success of the case depends on his professionalism. Still, want to save? Thousands of users should download your applications – and you should receive income. Otherwise, why are APP developers UK all doing this?

Market research

Properly conducted marketing research provides a high chance that the developed application will be in demand by users, and the business will develop more predictably.

APP developers UK marketing analysis allows you to understand what a mobile app should be like to be accepted by the target audience. At the same time, they receive the necessary information even before the start of development – this reduces the time it takes to create the product and ensures that there are no major changes after the release. A mandatory analysis of competitors will help to avoid common mistakes, and also show the strengths of other applications that can be used in the work.

An important role is played by the elaboration of the monetization of the project. To create a sustainable business model, it is important to know in advance – due to what and how the application will earn. The research will help to understand how much money potential users are willing to spend on a product and how best to arrange this process.

In fact, market research is the collection and analysis of an array of statistical data. Moreover, the most valuable part of the study is the conclusions. If they turn out to be unreliable or inaccurate, then further promotion of the business plan will go the wrong way. However, if the development of the organization’s marketing strategy was carried out according to all the rules, then this will allow the enterprise:

  • find out the needs of the target audience;
  • increase the effectiveness of promotion;
  • evaluate market prospects;
  • identify the advantages and disadvantages of such applications;
  • create a marketing plan to counter competitors.

In addition to the situation with the development of a new application, conducting marketing research is often required when adjusting the pricing policy, determining methods and channels of promotion, rebranding, and identifying ways to stimulate demand.

Stages of Marketing Research

As a rule, marketing promotion includes the following main steps:

  • Market analysis.
  • Data is collected on size, structure, and capacity.
  • The main competing players and their market shares are determined.
  • Predictions are made for the further development of a particular segment.
  • The study of the needs and characteristics of the main clientele through surveys, questionnaires, and other methods.
  • Statistical analysis of the received data – average values, frequencies, and correlation coefficients are calculated.
  • Drawing conclusions and recommendations for further development of the application.

APP developers UK analysis of a marketing strategy cannot always be carried out by the organization itself. Appomattox, thanks to its extensive experience working with startups, is aware of all the pitfalls that may occur in the collection and analysis of market information. Received relevant data and reliable conclusions are used in the further development of applications and web services. The marketing plan guarantees the demand for the final product from the end-user.

APP developers UK with a high-quality mobile application is a difficult task, the solution of which will require efforts, both from the technical and marketing sides. However, work with a software product does not end at the time of its launch. The application will become an effective tool for doing business only if, after the release, the project will be maintained in good condition.

What tasks does the project support solve?

Application development and maintenance are inseparable processes when it comes to a successful software product. Adrenaline Studios offers its customers comprehensive solutions that affect both the technical and informational aspects of the issue. The standard package of product support services includes the following items:

  • monitoring server health;
  • technical support for the server-side of the application;
  • data backup;
  • troubleshooting technical issues.

There is also an additional list of services, the terms of which are negotiated with the client separately:

  • product adaptation for new platforms or OS versions;
  • application support at the request of the client, if the current team fails;
  • completion of the existing platform at the request of the customer on a quarterly basis.

Lack of support will inevitably lead to an outflow of customers, returning which will be a daunting task. Stable work, feedback and visible development of mobile applications are highly appreciated by users.

Why is it worth entrusting the project service to professionals?

APP developers UK must evolve, despite internal and external challenges. APP developers UK understand that at any moment a startup can have its own people who are able to take on the tasks of maintaining the product. In this situation, it is important that the transfer of cases takes place painlessly, and any new person can understand the features of the application.

However, personnel shifts are inevitable in any organization. People may fall ill or go on vacation, but this should not affect the performance of the product. The optimal solution, in this case, is to entrust the work to support the project to specialists:

  • no additional staff required;
  • contractual relations with clearly defined obligations of the parties;
  • comprehensive support solutions;
  • low cost of service;
  • lack of additional costs – the work goes directly, and not through intermediaries;
  • support is provided by highly qualified specialists.

Maintaining the application after launch is an important task that directly affects the success of the entire project. Adrenaline Studios has been creating and supporting software products for many years. Qualified specialists take on all the work of servicing the resource. As a result, the customer can focus on business development without being distracted by third-party technical issues.


APP developers UK analyze business processes and data flows, dive into the subject area, detail functional and other requirements, think through user scenarios in the application. APP developers UK draw up a technical task – a detailed description of how the mobile application will work. APP developers UK prepare requirements for interacting with the server and transferring data to the admin panel for managing application content.

What the customer receives: Terms of Reference – requirements for the development of a mobile application.

API Requirements and prototyping

APP developers UK work out user scenarios and visualize the overall structure of the mobile application based on the terms of reference. We sketch and think over the logic of transitions between screens. APP developers UK create a conceptual model of the application – APP developers UK describe screens and elements. APP developers UK work on objects – we describe their attributes and their relationship with each other. APP developers UK form the design concept of the application and create an interactive prototype – we show the visual image of the application and its functionality.

What the customer receives:

  • Scripted prototype.
  • Screen map.


APP developers UK adopt the corporate identity of the customer to the platform guidelines. APP developers UK select the style that corresponds to the tasks, authority, and image of the customer. APP developers UK create the concept of the application and develop the design. APP developers UK think over and draw the state of the screens, design elements, welcome screen. APP developers UK prepare the necessary graphic material – icons, illustrations, photos.

What the customer receives:

  • App design
  • Ui kit
  • Design specifications


APP developers UK quickly develop native applications, because we use proven solutions and a set of libraries that we ourselves have created and maintain. We write clean and stable code in Swift, Objective-C, Java, and Kotlin. Testing applications using Unit- and UI-tests. APP developers UK create custom UI components that make the application interface unique. APP developers UK use modern approaches and an automated development process, CI / CD.

What the customer receives:

  • File to download the application on the App Store and Google Play.
  • Application source code


APP developers UK control quality at all stages of product development. In parallel with the development, we are testing on real devices. We write UI autotests. APP developers UK prepare test documentation – we develop checklists and test cases. APP developers UK provide high-quality work of applications – we find bottlenecks in the implementation and processes that could potentially cause problems for users.

What the customer receives:

  • Application ready for use on different devices.
  • Checklists and test cases for testing.

Technical support

APP developers UK provides stable operation of applications with after-sales service. APP developers UK optimize mobile products for iOS and Android updates and new devices. APP developers UK work according to the agreed Service Level Agreement.

What the customer receives:

  • Stable product performance.
  • The prompt solution to technical problems.
  • A mobile application that does not crash when updating platforms.

Project management

To conduct the project, we select a project manager who plans and regulates all work processes: distributes tasks, solves technical issues, manages risks, determines the workload of the team and is always in touch with the customer and the team. Together with the manager, the customer determines the priority of the work, the project management methodology, the frequency of reports and communication channels.

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