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Mobile app development is the process by which apps are developed for small handheld devices such as PDAs, smartphones, or cell phones. These applications can be preinstalled on the device during production, downloaded by the user using various platforms for software distribution, or they can be web applications that are processed on the client (JavaScript) or server side.

Runtime environments

Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Open webOS, Symbian OS, Samsung’s Bada, and Windows Mobile support standard PC-like application binaries with code running on a specific processor format (mostly ARM architecture). Windows Mobile can be compiled for x86 architecture for debugging on PCs without CPU emulation, and also supports the Portable Executable (PE) format associated with the .NET Framework. Windows Mobile, Android, HP webOS, and iOS provide free SDKs and IDEs for developers.

App Stores

Various initiatives exist from mobile operators and manufacturers. App developers can offer and publish their programs in app stores, with the ability to earn from the distribution of sales revenue. The best known are Apple’s App Store, where only approved apps can be distributed and run on iOS devices (also known as walled garden), and Google’s Android Market, which runs apps on Android OS devices. HP / Palm also has a Palm App Catalog where HP / Palm webOS device users can download applications directly from the device or submit a link to the application using a unique distribution method. Mobile operators Telefonica Group and Telecom Italia have launched a cross-platform app store for their subscribers.


Adrenaline studios provides services for the development of mobile applications for business. The creation of such a project will improve the quality of work within companies, as well as provide new opportunities for business development. You can order the application for iOS and Android operating systems.


According to statistics, mobile applications are actively used by about 65% of consumers to purchase goods, 60% to order services, and almost 75% use online banking. Are you still thinking about whether your business needs mobile technology?

Don’t lose clients, increase your profits – order an application from Adrenaline studios. The main task of projects for mobile devices is to promote the brand, increase profits, expand the geography of the company’s activities, and attract an advanced, solvent target audience. And our studio will help to achieve these goals. Our team is engaged in the creation and development of applications for Ukraine, CIS countries and Europe:

  • project development for Android, iOS platforms
  • creation of cross-platform solutions
  • full-fledged turnkey mobile development cycle

If you have a technical assignment for the creation of a mobile application, send it to us. We will study the documentation and prepare a commercial proposal for the development of the project, indicating the timing and cost of services. If there are no such developments, then the company’s specialists will prepare a technical specification based on the tasks and goals of a particular business.



  • organization of work and interaction within the company, quality control and analysis, resource management, franchising and partnership


  • control of income and expenses, payment
  • goods and services, banking operations, currency conversion, maintaining virtual wallets, accounting and more


  • sales, promotion of services,
  • formation of a customer base, implementation of loyalty programs, optimization of business processes

Our customer will be able to successfully conduct and promote a business using an additional or main channel for attracting a target audience – a mobile application.



  • Analysis of the scope and competitive market
  • Functional discussion, TK writing
  • BACK-END development (design)


  • Development of logical schemes of work, UX / UI design
  • Front-end development (Android / iOS)
  • BACK-END development (Adminpanel, API)


  • Testing the application
  • Publishing on marketplaces
  • Project support

Our studio creates business applications for Android and iOS platforms, as well as universal projects based on cross-platform solutions. We begin development of a business application with a high-quality examination: analysis of the market, existing applications, feedback on their work, the number of existing versions, as well as information about the latest update. In project prototypes, user scenarios are modeled, non-standard functions are described, and layouts for future pages are designed. Such an approach will help to determine the most functional version of the project, competently implement UX design, complete the technical part – front-end and back-end.


  • Online shopping has become an integral part of our life. And with the advent of mobile tools, finding, choosing, and ordering a specific service or product has become more convenient, faster, and more efficient.
  • Professional development of mobile apps for business will map to:
  • Sales growth and customer audience increase.
  • Formation of a base of regular customers.
  • Increasing customer loyalty to the company.
  • Timely informing potential customers about new promotions and advantageous offers of the company in large cities (Kharkiv, Kyiv, Lviv) throughout the country.
  • Optimization of business processes within the company due to the corporate application.

Using a mobile project, you can:

  • Fully present a product catalog or range of services.
  • Announce current and future promotions, discounts, and other company events.
  • Use different payment options.
  • Expand the geography of the provision of services without being tied to one region or country.
  • Form a client base and constantly work with it and expand.
  • Find new business partners, promote the brand.

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