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APP development companies UK of a high-quality mobile application is a complex multistage process, requiring the participation of many qualified specialists, such as system analysts, interface designers, developers, and testers.

In the world of APP development companies in the UK, the main are two approaches to creating an application – native and cross-platform.

A solution recommended by manufacturers based on native development involves writing independent applications for each platform, a separate application for iOS, a separate application for Android.

Benefits of native applications with APP development companies UK

  • The high response speed of interfaces, the application responds instantly, there are no delays during scrolling, animation, data entry, button presses;
  • Advanced styling options for the application, exclusively available on iOS / Android;
  • APP development companies UK give the ability to compete with market leaders, receive free promotion on the App Store and Google Play;
  • Support for all hardware and software features of the phone, including push notifications, access to geo services, camera, internal purchases,
  • APP development companies UK give priority access to the latest innovations, which creates a competitive advantage: widgets, Apple Pay, new offers, Deep Links, ARKit.

The cross-platform solution of APP development companies UK involves the creation of a common code base for two platforms with the subsequent translation of the code to the operating system through a special layer. Although at first glance the cross platform looks quite attractive – one application instead of two, but this choice contains many pitfalls and limitations.

Disadvantages of applications on cross-platform

  • speed, especially on devices with weak hardware. Delays in scrolling, button presses, low FPS;
  • step-by-step application interface, problems in implementing unified navigation on iOS and Android;
  • problems with the implementation of push notifications;
  • each of the common functions: internal purchases, work with geolocation, work in the background, access to the periphery – these are third-party wrapper libraries containing additional errors, which leads to the risk of unforeseen errors;
  • working with gestures on platforms is organized differently.

Advantages of cross-platform solutions with APP development companies UK

  • the price and development time in APP development companies UK is lower if the additional fitting of the application for each platform is not required, the application logic is simple, the user interface is ascetic, otherwise the APP development companies UK time is close to the native one, and the result is not good enough;
  • a single code base, the application works the same on all platforms, which helps to avoid potential errors and significantly simplify changes in the application logic – you won’t have to do double or even triple work;
  • the possibility of self-support provided that your company has an IT department with web programmers.

In most cases, APP development companies UK use the native approach for our clients, as APP development companies UK have seen from our own experience that native applications are more flexible, productive and have a large margin for development. Each of these versions in the future will painlessly survive the updates of the operating system and makes it possible to add new features that these updates can bring as soon as possible. APP development companies UK is what you need!

There are situations when the choice of APP development companies’ UK cross-platform solution is justified, but this is a rather narrow range of tasks, and each such case must be approached with great caution. APP development companies UK will be happy to show you what to choose in your particular case.

Before starting development, APP development companies’ UK general list of tasks is compiled, and labor costs for their implementation are evaluated. Then, the most priority tasks that the team can implement in a time period called the “sprint” are determined. Usually, this is 2 weeks, which allows you to flexibly adjust the development process and avoid many problems. At the end of the sprint, the APP development companies UK project manager, together with the client and the team, summarizes the results, a demo presentation of the implemented opportunities, and discussion of plans for the next sprint are held.

The main advantages of the approach APP development companies UK

  • The ability to quickly launch a project with the most necessary functions and a minimum budget;
  • Full control over budget spending, daily monitoring of progress;
  • Weekly demos allow the client to see the project implementation process from idea to product;
  • The ability to make adjustments to the terms of reference during the implementation of the project, which is an undoubted advantage for the customer.

The interaction of iOS and Android teams

APP development companies UK develop the iOS and Android versions of the application at the same time, one of the teams starts work two weeks earlier than the other. APP development companies UK allow the second team to avoid the difficulties that may arise in the first and accelerate the release of the product as a whole. Android and iOS teams in our company are in close interaction in the process of working on the application. APP development companies UK allow you to find the best options for solving problems in the shortest possible time.
Back-end development

APP development companies UK is organizing the development and development of a client-server application, it is important to separate the debug server from the server that real users interact with, so APP development companies UK deploy two environments to work on the project:

  • Staging is a debug server. All functions and changes are tested and tested on it. APP development companies UK and test users interact with this server. After the code has shown its operability and stability, it is transferred to the production server.
  • APP development companies UK production is the main production server. It directly runs the server application for real users.
  • This scheme allows you to further debug work without interfering with users using the application.
  • In development, APP development companies UK use documentation auto-generation using Swagger. This is a guarantee that in the future any team will be able to connect to the development of the product with minimal entry costs.
  • The versioning in making changes to the API allows us to maintain the operability of different versions of the application – thanks to this, APP development companies UK exclude situations when updates on the server break the operation of the application for users who have not had time to upgrade to the latest version.
  • APP development companies UK mobile analytics allows you to study user behavior in the application, evaluate the success of advertising campaigns, and the effectiveness of business processes is one of the important tools for managing the development of a mobile application.

APP development companies UK allow you to get such important indicators as

  • the number of daily active audience in the application;
  • statistics on transitions to target screens;
  • the number of installations for a certain period (day, month, year);
  • frequency of use of functions;
  • statistics on time of use per session, the average depth of navigation,
  • registrations, in-app purchases, on the number of visits to the app for the
  • reporting period, and much more;
  • measure retention rate – the frequency of audience return.

This is not a complete list of indicators that you can get with the help of APP development companies UK. Without analytics, it’s impossible to effectively plan promotions, implement new features, etc.

APP development companies UK basic analytics is already implemented in all applications that we develop. At your request, it is possible to integrate any analytics services that are convenient for you: Google Analytics, Firebase, AppMetrica, App Annie, and others. Leaving only the necessary functions, you should pay attention to the design of the application. APP development companies UK professional agency thinks not only about the beauty and convenience of the interface but also about the feasibility of its implementation from a commercial point of view.


After the development process is over, the stage of publishing the application in the App Store or Google Play begins. This is a rather complicated process, requiring knowledge of many nuances. The main difficulties arise when interacting with the App Store. APP development companies UK advise our customers on the collection and submission of the necessary documents for registering an account on the App Store. APP development companies UK take care of solving the problems that arise in the process. Apple is quite sensitive to the quality of applications that fall into the store, so you can often stumble upon a publication failure on their part.

An important factor affecting the number of downloads of your application is window dressing in the App Store and Google Play. From the selection of keywords, the choice of a name, a competent and understandable description, it depends on whether the user finds your application in the store. The icon and screenshots affect the user’s desire to go to a detailed description, and then to download the application. A properly designed showcase is the minimum set to promote your product.

The first months of the application’s work are very important in its life since real people begin to come into the application, use the services you started, sometimes not according to the scenarios that you expected. After the launch, APP development companies UK continuously monitor the stability of the application and provide warranty service for the application for 6 months, within the framework of which we fix all identified deficiencies for free. After this period, APP development companies UK offer our customers an application support service. APP development companies UK contract includes the reservation of the development team for a fixed amount of work per month with the ability to develop, expand the functionality of the application.

What work is done to support the application?

  • application health monitoring;
  • publish updates on the App Store and Google Play;
  • implementation and expansion of application functionality;
  • compatibility update with the new OS.

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