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We have implemented a large number of projects for customers from the USA, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, France, Australia and many other countries in Europe and Asia. PNN Soft maintains long-term relationships with its clients, being a reliable developer and demonstrating the highest quality of its services for many years. That is why the market leaders in their segment entrust us with development. Our products are used in 150 countries around the world and are among the top most popular and downloaded applications.

Services and solutions in software development

The optimal combination of modern and effective technologies proven in many projects, the well-coordinated work of a highly professional team using the Agile, Scrum and DevOps methodology give us the opportunity to implement products of any complexity always on time with their subsequent support.

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Programming technologies

With the right set of tools and technologies, we create reliable software solutions for our clients that give them a competitive edge, increase business revenue and save development time. We help our clients to choose the right technologies for the project in order to provide the most effective solution in terms of cost, productivity and business efficiency. Close cooperation with our clients at the initial stage of development allows us to offer the most efficient set of technologies and tools to meet all project requirements.



  • Programming languages

Operating Systems

Your success is our main value. That is why we carefully control the quality and strictly observe the time frame of each project within the framework of an open and trusting atmosphere of cooperation, offering loyal, competitive prices for services. At the same time, we pay increased attention to the protection of customer information, which has allowed us to gain a reputation as a reliable partner.

Mobile application development is the creation of software (software) that will run on a mobile device. Such a complex task requires time, skills, and a sufficient budget. However, even with an experienced team, it is not always possible to create something worthwhile, because there are already millions of applications, and it is difficult to stand out among them. Every day, developers create hundreds of them: some gain popularity, bring income and benefit; others are limited to a narrow circle of users, not spreading massively.

Already every second person spends 5 hours a day using a smartphone. The current trend allows you to skillfully adjust your business and profitably monetize your love for the Internet space. In addition to advertising, the mobile application creates the image of the company, provides information about the target audience and an assessment of the behavioral factors of buyers.

What is a mobile app?

Over the past 10 years, the number of smartphones in use has exceeded 2.5 billion. Consumers spend $ 380 billion on new devices every year. Each of them has applications that simplify life by helping to count, communicate, order a taxi or order food.

The mobile application itself is an application software that is developed for smartphones and tablets with various operating systems: iOS, Android, KaiOS, Harmony OS, Tizen, and others. In most cases, it needs access to the Internet for it to work if it communicates with remote resources.

Mobile operating systems

A mobile operating system (OS) is a software package that allows smartphones, tablets, wearable gadgets to manage the resources of the device itself and organize direct interaction with the user. Most mobile operating systems only run on certain hardware. For example, iOS is for iPhones, while Android is for Samsung, Google Pixel, LG, Nokia and others. In 2019, they continued to hold their positions:

You’ve probably heard about Windows Mobile, and maybe even used it, because this OS from Microsoft in the first half of the 2000s was distributed on many PDAs and communicators. In 2010, it was replaced by 2 versions of the OS: Windows Phone for smartphones and Windows RT for tablets. And in 2015, a unified version appeared – Windows 10 Mobile.

Few people know about the existence of the KaiOS operating system, although it has already become the leader among the second echelon. The system is a fork of Firefox OS, is based on Linux and is intended for budget devices. Despite the fact that Google released Android Go (an optimized version of the same Android) for entry-level devices, KaiOS still remains the leader in this segment.

Categories of useful applications

With the current variety in the market, it is difficult to pinpoint an exact classification. But you can conditionally list those that play the role of an auxiliary tool. Although with proper promotion, they can become an independent project.

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