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Creative agency – a legal entity, a company whose main activity is the development of original advertising ideas and concepts. The difference from an advertising agency can be summarized as follows – a creative agency is the developer of advertising ideas, while an advertising agency is a means of implementing these ideas.

The structure of the creative agency

Due to the fact that the development of concepts is a creative activity, a creative agency can consist of employees of completely different specialties. However, one can single out the key employees of the agency responsible for the development of creative ideas and concepts.

Creative agency – creators or artisans?

What is a professional creative agency or creative agency, what is their work, is it a creative process or rather a well-honed craft of professionals? At first glance, advertising is a product of the creative thought of its creators – creators, designers, copywriters, thus, the process of its creation can be entirely attributed to creativity, which is only slightly limited to data on the target audience, price segment and market niche. But is this really so and does such an approach have a right to exist? Many creative agencies are guilty of this approach. The danger of this approach to the development of advertising is that at the exit the customer may receive a marketing tool that does not work effectively for sales, but a certain artistic object,

Creative agency – scientific approach

The creation of effective advertising is, first of all, the creation of a marketing tool that must perform the tasks assigned to it with high quality. But for this, the development of advertising communication must be carried out in accordance with all the rules and laws of marketing, specialists of a professional creative agency must remember this. Competent creation of advertising has the form of a scientific process, somewhere a creative solution has a clear basis, and it, in turn, can be disassembled into components and put back together.

The role of the scientist in this process is the marketer. At first glance, it might seem that marketing research and creativity are inherently conflicting phenomena. This is partly true, but finding the edge and balance between these phenomena is precisely the skill of the creative agency team of professionals.

Creative agency and research

Marketers have a variety of ways to determine what a good ad should be, by conducting various studies that can reveal with a high degree of certainty what the target audience wants. Research will help to understand consumers, their way of thinking, perceptions, barriers, stereotypes, as well as attitudes towards competitors. This information will be indispensable in the future when creating an advertising creative, but this is still a long way off.

The range of opportunities for marketers in conducting research is very wide, but globally two groups of research are distinguished: the first for understanding the market and consumers, the second for confirming the results obtained at the first stage.

In the first case, the emphasis is on qualitative research to understand the logic of consumers, their aspirations, secret and explicit desires. As a supplement, quantitative data describing the market and consumers are used.

In the second, only quantitative methods are used, since an answer is needed on the choice of a particular direction of work and confirmation of the conclusions obtained at the first stage. Quantitative research has statistical significance, due to which it can be argued that the opinion of the researched coincides with the opinion of all consumers.

The data obtained in the framework of the research forms the basis for the concepts of brand positioning – its basic ideology, which should be the basis for the development of all brand communications, including the creative of an advertising company.

Creative agency and brand positioning

Many creative agencies forget about this in their work, but nevertheless, the development of a creative for advertising communication is nothing more than one of the stages of materializing brand positioning. If the development of advertising is carried out without taking into account positioning, the final product may disappoint its customers, since it will have nothing to do with solving its marketing problems, advertising simply will not work, since a creative agency will work without a clear understanding of what exactly it creates. The lack of research and clear positioning turns the work of a creative agency into a blind search, devoid of understanding the nuances of the audience’s perception: barriers, insights, etc., as well as a clear understanding of its preferences. Such a creative is unlikely to be correctly perceived by the target audience, it will not give her a clear idea of ​​the brand, and therefore will be useless. The task of competent positioning is to determine the vector along which all creative solutions will be developed.

The task of a marketer in this case is to correctly and clearly formulate tasks for a creative team. If there is an understanding of the goals and objectives of the project, work on creating a creative will be carried out more correctly, which will not only save time and minimize costs, but also achieve the result that will properly contribute to solving the tasks set by the client.

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