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Marketing is a dynamic, changeable and unstable industry. Here, you cannot “grasp” a single idea and stick to it constantly — there will always be something new and more dynamic that is often much more difficult to understand and realize. Many people think that it is unrealistic to follow all the new trends: you will still lag behind, but the balance between innovations and what you have already implemented still exists and can be also constantly observed. So, how can you make marketing more efficient? The best marketing agencies and Adrenaline Studios unveil the secrets of the most important marketing strategies.

Real estate and car sales markets are highly competitive, forcing companies to look for ways to optimize spending through advertising channels. CoMagic Director of Marketing and PR-service of end-to-end analytics Valery Pashchenko told AdIndex how to effectively distribute the advertising budget in the network in 2019

According to the analytical agency Avtostat, in Russia in January 2019, there were 3,450 official dealer centers for the sale and servicing of passenger cars – 40 less than a year ago. According to agency forecasts, in 2019 the car market in Russia, if it shows a positive trend, is at best no more than 5% versus 6% growth for 2018.

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On the real estate market the situation is similar. The 214-FZ adjustment led to a 4% decline in housing construction, for 2019 the volume of real estate transactions will decrease by 10–15% from the 2018 level, and real estate prices will increase by 3–8%, analysts of Cyan predict. They suggest that in 2019, due to the increase in mortgage lending rates to 10-10.5%, the number of transactions will also decrease.

Falling demand and price volatility in the real estate and auto sales markets will lead to greater competition among players. Companies are afraid of scaring potential customers with unnecessary price increases and, as a result, are looking for new ways to attract customers, including through effective advertising tools.

  • Especially for managers and employees of companies that keep up with the times, we have collected several trends on how to effectively distribute the advertising budget in the network in 2019, automate the process of analyzing the sales department’s work and receive additional traffic to the target audience.

Show your “face”

Today, the business needs to be more open. Large companies do not “hide the faces” of their creators and even profits. Perhaps you can even start speaking on behalf of the SEO. Even a few posts in social networks will increase interest and loyalty to your company.

Use native ads with Digital Agency London

Most people are already tired of bright, looking at glamorous posters and banners: they are not blind anymore and can “read” the fakes. Therefore, you need to use native ads. It always fits into the content of the site, which is not blocked in browsers and to which the user’s immunity has not yet developed. These ads look natural and do not cause any irritation.

Safety and security marketing strategies are extremely important. Customers want to be sure that their data will remain in the store and will not go anywhere (especially when it comes to credit cards).

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Prove your expertise

Experience in 2019 will be valued even more than in 2018. You must be a true professional, an expert in your field to gain the confidence of a potential client. The easiest way here is to make a personal blog. If you feel you cannot do it yourself, marketing agency specialists will help you here.

Start integration with smart systems

Quick search is the future: time is real money, and all realize it now. In general, everything connected with new technologies will be in price. For example, the voice search has been gaining popularity for its convenience and great speed. Integrate with smart systems (like Siri): it is also one of the marketing strategies now.

Stay connected 24/7

The client wants to get all the detailed answers to questions at any time of the day (and even night). Here, artificial intelligence technologies will help. Marketing trends of this year dictate to use chatbots, and automatic answers to stay connected. It will help you not to lose potential clients and affect your reputation in a positive way.

Add videos

In 2019 most people “hang” in front of their TVs and PCs (mostly). This means that the video channels and the presence of the brand in this area are needed.

Continue using social networks

This is an ideal, almost perfect platform to communicate with potential customers. Deal with the Stories on Instagram, write posts on FB and continue to “appear” in customers’ smartphones and tablets every day.

Keep what you have already achieved

Do not follow the trends almost blindly. When you have already achieved something, save this database and add what suits your business. Anything you add should benefit your base and strengthen your personal business.

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