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The perpetual motion machine of your business

Customers are the engine of business. We will create a perpetual motion machine for your business, which will provide an endless stream of requests from clients. These are target customers. They are looking for the services you provide or the products you sell. They want to buy them and are ready for permanent cooperation. They are modern, do not like to waste time and clearly know what they want. Such clients prefer to search for information on the Internet. Just like you are now. Only you are on our site, and they will be your guests.

Three channels of attraction

There are no identical clients. Each of them searches for information in their own way and prefers to receive it in different channels. Some communicate with search engines, others have made friends with social networks, and still others are actively exploring offers of contextual and targeted advertising. Each of these groups has your customers. And soon they will find out about you – when we use several channels of attraction:


Organic traffic for your website and high ranking in search results. Simply put – website promotion. These are new clients for your business who are looking for goods and services for specific target requests.


Contextual and targeted advertising is necessary when you want to get the fastest possible result in website promotion. We will provide you with applications from targeted customers immediately after the launch of advertising on Google or Facebook.


This is promotion in social networks, where communication with customers is in the first place. We will create an attractive image, convey the seriousness of your company and increase the number of visitors.

New clients for your business

Internet marketing agency Adrenaline Studios focuses on one goal: new clients for your business. We are a result agency. We respect your reputation, take great care of the advertising budget and never engage in questionable maneuvers. This is what clients say: “You are the first to make internet marketing in Ukraine simple and understandable for entrepreneurs and business owners.”

Your personal internet marketing department

Today, there is a whole armada of agencies on the market that, first of all, think only about their earnings. Even during a conversation, they are one of the first to ask the question: “What is your budget?” This is despite the fact that the goals and objectives are not yet clear …

We work differently. We plunge headlong into the project. We identify your strengths and competitive advantages. We thoroughly study the features of the target client. And we develop advertising campaigns based on USP.

Consider that you have a whole Internet marketing department. This is not a full-time employee bursting into all directions. This is a real combat unit that provides the sales department with stable customer requests.

We stand for measurable and effective marketing. This is when abstractions are replaced with precision and specificity. We develop a unique set of tools for each client to solve the required task.

Content Marketing: What Ideas Are Popular in 2020? Content marketing is one of the affordable and creative ways to attract an audience and retain customers. It gives you the chance to build brand awareness and build a community around it.

Your task is to use this type of marketing for its intended purpose and apply all its tools. Because in our time, creating a clothing or jewelry store is not enough. If you want it to generate income for you and your ROI to work, then you definitely need content.

A well-structured strategy bears fruit in the form of new customers and engagement, it will formulate brand positioning and its performance.

In a previous article, we wrote about this year’s content marketing trends. And in this article, the Adrenaline Studios team will reveal the secrets of which ideas work best, how to apply them in business and where to find them.

How to implement content marketing ideas?

  • Share the stories that happen behind your brand pages. It is always important for customers to know who creates the product, how the internal work is going on;
  • Connect an expert to your topic. Let him answer the most popular questions that a potential user of a product or service may have;
  • Share tips with clients. How to use a product or thing, what is better to wear, how to care for;
  • Write text that inspires your readers. And it will push them to action: save the post or tell a friend about it. Try to make this text also like the search engines, because then Google will rank it better in the search.

We know how difficult it is to write a content plan, choose topics that are relevant and interesting to the reader, and stay afloat without going into the obvious. Therefore, our recommendation is this: look wider, do not limit yourself, and have an inquiring mind to find ideas for a product or service. The Adrenaline Studios team gave you tips, all that remains for you is to dare and improve your business the way you want it.

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