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SMM or promotion in social networks – as a unique advertising channel and a separate direction in digital marketing, is a complex of works in social networks aimed at increasing the popularity of a brand, product or service, ensuring audience loyalty and business KPI growth.

Thanks to the SMM service, you can achieve long-term results in terms of activity and engagement with high conversion rates. Many social media users today are looking for information about companies and products on the social platforms Instagram and Facebook, which is due to the presence of photos, reviews, an online consultant and more. If your page does not appear in the search results, you will miss the opportunity to acquaint your audience with your brand.

Our SMM agency Comon specializes in promoting businesses on the Internet using digital tools. We cover not only SMM direction, but also other marketing areas, therefore we can provide complex services. SMM agency Comon provides SMM (Social Media Marketing) services on Instagram and Facebook in order to promote companies and brands on social networks. The number of social media users is growing at an incredible pace, and the number of interests and innovations is only expanding. That is why we try to make a flexible offer for both start-up companies and large businesses.


The main services of the SMM agency:

  • development of an SMM strategy;
  • promotion on social networks Facebook, Instagram;
  • drawing up a content plan;
  • launching targeted advertising;
  • design of social networks;
  • SMM for Events (promotion of events);
  • individual consultations and trainings on SMM.

Why does a business need a social media page?

  1. Formation of the correct image (impression) of the company. It will help to increase brand awareness and raise interest in the company.
  2. Driving traffic from social networks to the site. It will help increase traffic / sales / registrations, attract people to events and increase activity.
  3. Revealing new segments of the target audience. It will help you get to know your audience better, reveal the hidden “pains and needs” of potential buyers.
  4. Reputation management. Providing potential buyers with personal advice, as well as informing about new products / services, promotions, offers.

What business problems does SMM solve?

  1. Lack of expected number of orders on a monthly basis. You are seeing a drop in the audience on your site, or you have created a new site and cannot squeeze the first orders out of it.
  2. This product is technically complex. It is difficult to sell it with a few photos and you need to create some kind of trend and involvement around the product, provide advice before buying and show this product in use.
  3. Low page or community activity. Users go to your page, but do not subscribe and do not take targeted actions, or the user began to unsubscribe.
  4. Similarity with competitors in terms of price. You cannot compete with aggregator sites in search results, and the cost of advertising per click in search is too high.

Goals and objectives of SMM promotion

What you get with SMM tools:

  • Increasing the popularity of your product. Only by correctly setting the tasks, filling out the page correctly and regularly contacting the public, you will attract a much larger number of interested people.
  • Warming up the audience. Effective content, complemented by correct images, appropriate humor and only useful information without water will give the desired results. In this case, the user will not only place an order, but also leave a grateful review on the site and launch word of mouth. As a result, your site will be able to retain the attention of customers who will regularly place orders.
  • Increased profits. If a person has fully satisfied his needs in your online store, then he is unlikely to go to other sites. When the products and services are liked, customers become loyal, and accordingly, profits increase.

Social media promotion looks like natural, unbiased communication with potential customers. This can be SMM on Facebook, Instagram and other social platforms. Such communication not only increases sales, but also builds a good brand reputation.

Mastering the subtleties and tricks of SMM promotion is not even a skill, but an art that requires, in addition to professional theoretical knowledge and practical skills, also the presence of flair and taste. You can only trust the promotion of specialized companies with an impeccable image.

Why do companies need social media marketing?

30 years ago, businesses were getting new customers through the yellow pages. 20 years ago, the Internet burst into our lives, and with it – site directories and search engines. In the 21st century, this is not enough. Modern shoppers are looking for information about a new product or service on an average of ten resources, one of which is their favorite social network. If your company is not on social networks, then the target audience has no trust in it, which means there is no sales!

SMM is often considered an easy task that a secretary can handle. And this is a gross mistake that gives an advantage to competitors.

Social media marketing is part of classic marketing, not fun. It necessarily consists of a marketing strategy, a system of key performance indicators, analytics and results evaluation. And, of course, systematic work that requires huge resources.

Targeted Facebook Ads

Targeted advertising on Facebook provides quite an extensive toolkit for attracting customers to your business. Today, the reach of users on Facebook is slightly inferior to the reach of Google search advertising and is a powerful tool for promoting a business. Many companies have long appreciated the benefits of Facebook advertising.

We provide the following range of services for targeted advertising on Facebook:

  • Determination of the target audience.
  • Development of branding advertising.
  • Development of advertising for traffic.
  • Development of advertising for lead generation and conversion.
  • Development of ads for messages in Messenger.
  • Development of Instagram advertising campaigns.
  • Purposeful promotion of posts to increase the reach of users of a potential target audience.
  • Setting the Facebook pixel code into the site code.
  • Setting up individualized audiences (collecting remarketing databases, lookalike audiences).
  • Ad analytics to ensure maximum campaign results.

The advantages of Facebook advertising are the fast delivery of information about the brand and company promotions to a large number of potential consumers, which cannot always be achieved using SEO or contextual advertising. The constant audience that spends time on social networks is increasing every year. Not communicating with her there, you lose money.

SMM advertising results

Before starting work, we always brief the client to determine business goals in order to focus on them as much as possible when setting up advertising. If done correctly, social media advertising brings:

  • Audience loyalty. A well-formed attitude towards your brand.
  • Leads. The steady interest of potential customers in the form of applications and calls.
  • Sales. Increasing the level of conversion to sales.

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