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We cannot imagine our life without the Internet. A modern user checks a smartphone up to 150 times a day, goes to social networks, surf different sites. The Internet has even optimized the purchase mechanism so we can order clothes, equipment, and food, use various services online. We look at all this as consumers.

But what if we look on the Internet from a business perspective? You can become the people who provide online services! Creating a startup on the Internet is a great platform for implementing your bold ideas.

Success Stages

So that the development of sites for startups does not turn into a torment for both parties, the contractor and the customer, a phased approach is needed, as in the case of developing any other web resources:

  • study of a ready-made business model or its compilation from scratch (very often inspired startups come really with just one idea);
  • determination of the main goals of the customer;
  • discussion of an action plan, coordination of decisions, development of technical specifications
  • work on the design of the resource;
  • layout and programming;
  • marketing part, including various promotion channels.

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There are some tips on how to implement your idea and make a startup on the Internet. A startup on the Internet has several features, but in general, its implementation is the same as any other project.

In the beginning, there was an idea. It must be unique and creative, otherwise, you just do not start-up. Sometimes it seems that creating something new is simply impossible, but it is not. Focus on the needs of the target audience, make connections, figure out how to make life easier using the Internet even more.

Then the team came. Considering that programmers, testers, and designers are required to create an Internet startup, we have two ways: investments and like-minded team. In the first case, we hire a team of specialists and pay them money. Whether it is remote freelancers or a full-fledged team working together is up to you.

Understand that startups on the Internet are a very flexible business that is changing, also take into account the interests of users. At some point, the concept that the investor paid can work in a completely different direction. You will come up with something new for the project, so change the benchmark. And the investor will not be ready for such a risk.

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  • If the money for a brilliant start-up has not yet found, then you need to inspire your friends with your idea who are ready for some time to work on pure enthusiasm.
  • It is important to consider certain rules for the successful implementation of your Internet dream. Make a list of agreements, goals, rules, responsibilities, deadlines, and estimated revenues. That will help to avoid conflicts that could lead to project failure.
  • Motivation. The team is working for the future, and the results will not appear quickly. Consequently, you need to constantly motivate developers. It also happens that no matter how you motivate a person, he invests in the time frame. Such people in the team are not required.
  • Attraction. Who and how, in addition to friends, can be involved in creating a startup?
  • Engage professionals, you don’t have time to train someone. Attract only ambitious students. The developments that they will do as part of the startup will serve as material for the portfolio. This is a great motivator for the team.


Key points for promoting an online startup:

  • Focus on the customer. We already talked about this in the context of the origin of the idea, but you should not miss customers at the time of promotion.
  • Any Internet project should be as helpful as possible, consistent with global trends. If the user comes to the site, downloads the application and does not understand it, he leaves. And the potential client will not be stupid, but you.
  • Do not be afraid to change. If you look at the work of the cool digital and IT companies of 2007, you will be horrified by their design and minimal capabilities. In 2017, their work was at the height of modern technologies and trends. This means that companies monitor the development of web design and programming, capture all the innovations on the fly. You should do the same. Conservatism is not in fashion. It is necessary to constantly invent and add new chips.
  • More creativity. There are many sites and mobile applications. You should know about what you need to stand out. The first tool for this is used at the idea stage, which is a reference to TSA and uniqueness. Particular attention should be paid to media campaigns, where and on what sites to place ads, what will be the key message and what kind of presentation. Also, learn about content marketing and email marketing. Or team up a specialist

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