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Web design studio. How does it work?

Web design studio. How it works? There are a lot of internet users who are familiar with the basics of web design these days. Surely you have heard about how websites are created and what web designers do in general. No? Then web design studio Adrenaline studios will open the door to the backstage life of web studios for you.

Contrary to popular belief that it takes only a couple of hours to create a website, in fact, the process of creating a website takes much longer.

It all starts with an idea. From the customer’s idea that he needs a website. With this idea, he comes to us, in the web design studio. The customer does not yet know how his site should look like, what functions to perform. That is why the task of the studio’s specialists is to help the customer to correctly build the goals of the project and their requirements for us, the performers.

If necessary, we advise the customer on the technical features of the project, and then proceed to the development of the site concept. The concept of the site is not just a freehand sketch “here we will place the red button, and here we will put the blue one.” The concept of the site is a preliminary document, on the basis of which the terms of reference are drawn up and the site is being developed, the project is monitored for the set goals.

The site concept describes the goals of the site development, ways to achieve these goals. Website concept development is impossible without analyzing the target audience and analyzing competing websites. Analysis of the target audience allows you to identify the preferences of target site visitors depending on their age, social status, material well-being, etc.

Analysis of competing websites helps us and the customer to assess their effectiveness. What is the traffic to these sites? What are the positions of competitors’ sites in the TOP of search results? What are the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors? In the future, the answers to these questions help to solve an important problem – it is advantageous to distinguish the customer’s site from the competitors

All of the above works and processes are just a preliminary stage of website development, but as a result we get a clear information picture describing:

  • current state of the company: occupied market niche, competitive advantages, marketing strategy, level of competition;
  • existing problems: low sales, low conversion, the problem of entering a new market or capturing an existing one, the problem of attracting partners, etc.

Based on the data obtained, web studio specialists develop ways to solve the company’s problems. As a result, a technical assignment is drawn up – the main document on which the site is being developed. The terms of reference contains the complete functional and technical requirements of the customer for the implementation of the project. As a result, in accordance with the terms of reference, the website budget is calculated.

As a rule, the terms of reference (TOR) consists of several tens of pages, and it may take more than one week to agree and sign it. After all, everything that used to be just the customer’s idea now takes on its specific forms and sometimes the monetary equivalent of these forms turns out to be far from the customer’s expectations. In this case, we are dealing with the need to “cut” the project budget and therefore, together with the customer, we revise the concept of the site and the technical specification, removing all the “unnecessary”. In the end, a version of the TK that suits both parties is signed and we proceed to the direct development of the site.

Work on the creation of the site is carried out by several specialists at once – this approach allows more efficient use of the material and time resources of the web studio. In addition, one specialist can manage several projects at once, which also contributes to the optimal distribution of the workload on the studio staff and the efficient use of working time.

A website design specialist in the graphic editor Adobe Photoshop and, if necessary, in other editors, performs the design layout of the main and typical pages of the site. At the same time, the task of the designer is not only to create a site layout at a high artistic level, but also to optimize the resulting images for placement on the web.

Most of the web studio projects are created on the basis of CMS Joomla – a popular free content management system. For each site, our web programming specialists individually edit the existing modules of the system or develop the necessary modules “from scratch”, achieving full compliance of the site’s functionality with the assigned tasks.

Ready-made software modules and site design layout are handed over to a html layout specialist. The layout designer connects all the components, “turns” the site layout into program code and makes it fully comply with all the requirements of various browsers. Now, in any browser of any version, the site will look equally good – just the way it should.

Files with the program code of the site, images, various multimedia files – all this needs to be stored somewhere. We provide our customers with our own hosting services, optimized to work with our projects. At the request of the customer, we come up with and register the domain name of the site, choosing it convenient and memorable.

Filling the site with content, further support and development of the site can be performed by us as part of a complex of works on creating a site, or ordered separately. Content managers and SEO specialists optimize website content for its promotion and promotion in search engines.

In addition to custom website development, WebStudio2U web design studio develops and supports several of its own projects. The “Land of Advice” project is a site that provides its visitors with useful information about various products, advice for all occasions.

You will find advice on keeping pets, taking care of yourself, organizing home life and leisure. The “Reviews” section contains consumer reviews about various new products in automobiles, household appliances, movie premieres, bestsellers, and cosmetics.

The Internet portal “3D Architech” is a popular information portal dedicated to 2D and 3D computer graphics. On the Internet portal 3D Architech you will always find the latest news from the world of computer graphics, useful lessons, scripts, renders, plugins for various 3D programs.

Project “3DLenta” – online store of 3D models. The models presented on the site are available in .max and .3ds formats. For your convenience, all 3D models are divided into thematic categories, among which you will definitely find the one you need.

Website development is a complex creative process, and therefore the daily work of a web studio includes round tables, brainstorming sessions, and working late – this is how the most successful ideas are often born. We are confident that only by investing all our efforts into the project, it is possible to achieve a truly high-quality result, which our customers will be satisfied with.

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