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Branding agency and its role in complex brand building

A branding agency is a very interesting formation from the point of view that its field of activity is not limited from a formal point of view. This is due to the fact that the specialization of a branding agency is creating a brand, but a brand is not only external attributes – name, logo, design of corporate identity, packaging and advertising materials. A brand is, first of all, the memory and emotions of consumers that arise in the minds of representatives of the target audience when they mention having contacts with individual visual elements of the brand. Thus, it is logical to assume that a branding agency, entrusting itself with the mission of developing a brand, takes responsibility for the formation of the very connection between the brand and consumers, which will further allow the formation of a strong brand.

Agency role

What is the role of the branding agency in the fate of the brand, if we move on to simple analogies from life, then the branding agency can be compared with parents who decide to have a child and take systematic steps to achieve their goal: they visit a doctor, do tests, choose a name, and in the future they care, raise, educate and contribute to its development.

Very similar processes take place within the branding agency that received the order for the creation of the brand. The birth of a future brand begins with the development of a product or service that is needed by a specific target audience or with an idea of ​​what kind of product or service it could be. Next, you need to answer the question of who exactly this product or service is intended for, that is, who is the target audience of the future brand, as well as what qualitative differences the product or service has in comparison with competitors already existing in the selected market segment for positioning. Knowing the answers to all these questions is the task of the branding agency; the results of market and target audience research, as well as the developer’s experience, help in finding answers. A professional branding agency must have considerable experience and market knowledge,

Processes within the agency

When the basic questions about the competitive environment and the market segment in which the brand will be positioned have been answered, the branding agency can start creating a starting point on the path to creating a brand – developing the essence of the brand – the concept of its positioning. Positioning is the personality of the brand, its identification in the market. The main task of positioning is to convey the key brand values ​​to the target audience. Consumers ignore products that do not have any benefits from their point of view. But everything is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. First, these advantages are unique and inherent in only one brand. Secondly, they must be of interest to the consumer. Thirdly, they must attract the attention of the target audience more than the values ​​of competitors, causing, thus, the desire to buy this particular brand and no other. Therefore, before creating a new product within a specific category, it is necessary to find out what the consumer expects from it. The daunting task of identifying audience needs, finding and articulating brand values ​​is also the task of a branding agency.

The next step in building a brand is developing a name. A professional branding agency must have professional copywriters and patent lawyers on its staff. Since the difficult task of developing a name according to all the criteria corresponding to the positioning of a brand is complicated by the need to register it with the Federal Institute of Industrial Property, and here one cannot do without specialists who will be able to combine the creative beginning with the legal aspect. The next stage is the design stage, the branding agency is not only ideologists, but also creators who must be able to translate their ideas into reality. Quality design plays a huge role in the life of a brand. Few people want to buy a product whose packaging will cause rejection or use the services of a company, whose logo and corporate identity will not inspire confidence. That is why a design studio is an obligatory component of a professional branding agency.

But as we said above, a brand is not only and not so much a body as a soul, but rather a belief in it among consumers. To convey to the consumer the main idea of ​​the brand, to convince them to believe, try and love a product or service, this is also the task of a branding agency. It is possible to form a stable connection between the brand and the consumer through advertising communication. Moreover, we are not necessarily talking about an expensive ATL company, it can be advertising on packaging, an Internet campaign or other formats of advertising messages, depending on the customer’s budget and his ambitions to conquer the market. The branding agency will help in the formation of the correct communication strategy that meets the goals and objectives in promoting a specific brand, and will also develop a creative concept for an advertising campaign.


As we can see, the functionality of a branding agency is quite wide, and the tools of companies that specialize in creating brands should also be appropriate. Of course, there are areas that go beyond the competence of a branding agency, this is the quality of the product or service itself, and logistics and distribution, etc. But in this case, it is important to remember that the agency and the client are one team, the team on which the ultimate success of the brand in the market depends, and the development of its potential on the way to becoming a strong successful brand.

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