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The agency has a small but efficient team of 15 people. Our capabilities are not limited only by full-time specialists – in the case of complex and large-scale projects, we actively involve experts in outsourcing.

At the service of our clients is a team of highly qualified specialists, including:

  • Art Director;
  • graphic designers;
  • 3D designer;
  • motion designer;
  • brand strategist;
  • marketing analyst;
  • project managers;
  • account managers

How do you know if you need marketing advice?

  • Always on the lookout for fresh marketing ideas?
  • In-house marketers are struggling, or are you thinking about expanding your marketing department?
  • Looking for help structuring tasks and responsibilities in your marketing department?
  • Are you looking for specialists who could help bring your business to the next level?

Then you definitely need a marketing consultant!

During consultations, experts of the Defense agency will help:

  • determine how correct the marketing strategy of the business is
  • identify effective promotion channels
  • find business growth points
  • understand how to “bite off” market share from competitors

Who benefits from this service:

Business owners who are promoting themselves

  • For those who are faced with a problematic search for a marketer in the state and could not find a suitable candidate or for those who hire marketers in the state is not profitable.

Entrepreneurs who are launching a new product

  • Those who do not have time to look for employees on the staff: the product is ready, the deadlines are burning, and the marketer was needed yesterday.

For those who do a lot, but do not see the result

  • Business owners who hired marketers lack knowledge. After all, one employee cannot understand everything equally well. An integrated approach requires a team of experts.


We provide advice on various marketing issues:

Product launch

We will help you decide on positioning. We will show you how to correctly identify your customer.

Product development

We will make a comprehensive business diagnosis and help you find the points of growth of the company. We will help you digitize and track key marketing indicators.

Product line

We will define together with you the most profitable product line.

Let’s open the assortment management methodology that can generate up to 50% extra. arrived.

Pricing and sales

We will show you how to make discounts and promotions profitable for your business.

We will help you determine the most profitable sales channels, accompany you when you enter.

Determine competitive prices.

Product promotion

We will help you choose effective and cost-effective promotion tools, launch them as planned.

Let’s determine if your contractors are “leaking” advertising budgets.

Work with clients

Let’s show you how to get the most out of your customer base.

We plan to work with different groups of clients to get the most out of it.

Stages of work:

Getting to know the company

Includes briefing, the so-called pre-project analytics. Conducted by Sales or agency account manager by phone or online.

Objective: to obtain basic information about the company, to determine the needs of the client, to understand what results he wants to achieve through cooperation with the agency.

The result of the meeting is:

  • completed brief
  • statement of the problem, understandable to the agency and the client

Introductory meeting

The first two-hour online meeting is hosted by a marketing strategist. It is dedicated to comprehensive diagnostics of your business based on key indicators. It determines the goals of business development for the near future, expressed in specific financial results.

Together with an expert, you will walk through all the key elements of marketing:

  • target consumers
  • product line
  • pricing strategy
  • sales channels
  • promotion tools

The result of the meeting is:

  • list of growth points for the company in the near future
  • a big plan of what to work on in the next meetings

Consultation meetings during the month

During the paid month, in addition to the introductory and control, you receive four more 2-hour online meetings with experts.

At these meetings, marketers of various specialties:

  • analyze all aspects of your business
  • give recommendations (prompt specific actions) to solve a particular problem
  • help build a manageable and effective marketing system in the company to increase profits and market share

The convenient time for holding meetings depends on the complexity of the tasks required to solve the problems and is discussed individually with the client. Approximately once a week.

The result of the meetings will be:

  • analysis of the work done
  • video recording immediately after the meeting: so that you can review it later, and also so as not to hand over to partners the result of a 2-hour brainstorming session
  • summary with key results of the discussion and an agreed action plan for the next week

Control meeting

We jointly analyze the results obtained during the month. We define goals and objectives for the next period.

The result of the meeting will be:

  • a clear plan for further actions, in accordance with the approved strategic course
  • a list of indicators by which to measure the performance of contractors
  • predictable results you can count on

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