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Our team views each new project as an opportunity to create the ideal space for another person.

In order to find the most successful solutions and not release a single detail, we are truly interested in clients and their lives. Each technical task is a creative task for us. Architects and designers are constantly looking for solutions that fit life, not just sketch on paper. Where the interior, home or landscape does not limit, but creates opportunities. Opportunities to receive emotions, create and be happy.

Business features

  1. Quiet and stable times are the most conducive to starting a design business;
  2. When opening your own bureau, you need to find a reliable assistant who has a true sales talent. After all, even the most brilliant design project requires skillful presentation for sale;
  3. At the initial stage of work, there will not be so many orders, but this will only allow us to fulfill the order without haste and with high quality, accumulate good experience and build up a positive reputation in the market. You should not agree to urgent orders – a design project completed in a hurry is rarely successful;
  4. Stores often move from one place to another, so it makes sense not to lose sight of former customers. In a new place, an old client may again need the help of a proven designer, but in the old place there is a chance to get a new client.

When working with clients, you should adhere to simple but effective rules:

  • communication with the customer should be conducted on an equal footing. Since the work of a designer is very necessary for a trading company, then any manipulation by the client and his attempts to influence the creative process must be correctly but confidently suppressed;
  • it is advisable to inform all clients that creative work does not like fuss and unplanned meetings are undesirable;
  • if there are doubts about the decency of the client, then it is better not to agree to the execution of such an order.

Promotion of a design bureau

To present your design bureau, you need your own website, preferably bilingual – in Russian and English, which will allow you to declare yourself among foreign clients.

Participation in various major exhibitions is of great importance for business development, where you can present your new and completed projects, as well as establish new beneficial contacts.

A step-by-step plan for opening a design bureau

It is better to open a design business in calm times, when people are not in financial turmoil from the economic crisis. First of all, you need to analyze the market for the presence of competitors, think over your specific style, which would be distinguished by originality, but at the same time could interest potential customers. Next, you need to formalize as an individual entrepreneur or LLC, rent a suitable office, purchase equipment and the necessary software. The last step will be to search for clients through an advertising campaign.

How much can you earn

It is possible to earn a stable income on the provision of interior design services. For example, the implementation of one project with visualization and drawing up a production plan will cost the client from 10 to 100 thousand rubles, depending on the area of ​​the apartment and his preferences. If your company has several qualified specialists, as well as the opportunity to provide a mock-up of a finished task, then you can earn from 200 thousand rubles a month, performing on average 3-4 orders.

How much money is needed to start a business

To start a business, you will need to prepare permits, rent an office space, purchase equipment and hire several qualified designers on the staff. The amount of initial investment in the promotion of the business is estimated by experts at 500 thousand rubles.

What equipment to choose for a design bureau

A design bureau should look creative, be furnished with comfortable furniture and the necessary equipment. Among the mandatory:

  • A computer or laptop with powerful computing capabilities and installed software.
  • A printer.
  • Scanner.
  • Stationery.
  • 3D printer for creating layouts.

It is also necessary to create a favorable microclimate indoors. This may require heaters, humidifiers and an air conditioner.

What OKVED should be indicated

For a design bureau, OKVED code 74.87.4 is suitable – “Activities in the field of design”.

What documents are needed to open

The first step is to arrange the bureau as an individual enterprise or LLC, depending on the number of co-founders and the scale of production. To do this, you need to register with the pension fund and provide the following package of documents: passport, copy of TIN code, receipt of state payment. service and a notarized registration statement.

Which taxation system to choose for a design bureau

For a design bureau, you can use the simplified taxation system (STS) with 6%.

Do I need permission to open

You must obtain permission from the fire department. You should also conclude contracts with utilities for the removal of garbage and solid waste. The design bureau is not subject to compulsory licensing.

Production technology

It is better to start the work of a design bureau by fulfilling small orders. Their high-quality implementation will serve as a good advertisement for the future. Since design work is now done on computers, you need to keep an eye on the latest updates to popular modeling and rendering software. When executing an order, rely on the wishes of the client, carry out several design options. This will increase the chances of a favorable outcome of the transaction. Also, do not forget that the amount of tax can be reduced by insurance premiums.

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