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Graphic design becomes an increasingly important part of the life of any successful project. What can do online advertising, product packaging, corporate presentations or event posters as well as hundreds of other design products without excellent modern graphics? It’s hard to even imagine.

Fortunately, graphic design is an exciting field of activity, which is always interesting to learn, due to the presence of many beautiful creative solutions. In this article, we will focus on the trends for 2020.

Glitch effect

Designers could not even imagine that the glitch effect would become a leading graphic trend. A few years ago, they would advise you to take photography training or delete a damaged picture.

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Typography has always been an important element in graphic design. A big font can make any banner, flyer or poster more fashionable and effective.

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Over the past few years, designers are used working with color transitions. Until 2007, gradients were a very popular trend until flat design hit everyone. But in 2020, color transitions will recover their former popularity. The design of iOS, Stripe, and Instagram tells us about the positive development of this trend.

Metal texture

Until today, metal elements have been a hot trend only in some circles but now they have begun to conquer the world of graphic design. In 2020, we will see more metal textures in typography as well as 3D compositions because they make the design more stylish and interesting.

Scroll effect

People use to work with long sites, scrolling information from top to bottom. The scroll effect will delay attention to your site.


The human brain processes visual information much faster than textual information. Now we are witnessing a stable trend of replacing charts with full-fledged infographics with history and pictures. So the audience not only perceives information faster but remembers it better and can retell it. As representatives of CEO companies say, infographics help managers who were not present at the meeting to quickly understand what was being discussed only by drawing. If you have a lot of numbers and statistics, then infographics in the presentation should be your priority.

Look at the infographics below – there are no numbers and words in it, but it is clear from it that the situation with a change in global temperature is critically aggravating in recent years. This presentation of the data is not only remembered, but I also want to quote it, a fashionable “virality” appears.

Bright colors

Fashion for asceticism allowed brands to stand out even with small budgets but very quickly got bored with customers. In a continuation of the trend of avoiding strict design, bright color combinations and gradients appear. Managing them on your website is much more difficult, but they allow companies to show a truly personal style and be remembered.

For example, you can combine asceticism and colors, putting your company’s product on a flashy background, but only one product, without additional abstracts and icons. In this case, even the heart of a strict investor will beat faster.

Contrast and Monochrome

The contrast worked last year, and works in 2019, but not in the basic combination of white on black, but vice versa. The contrasting trend offers more color and saturation for the background, and the content is already in a lighter shade of the same color, or an even more flashy color, neon, shiny.

Together with the background color in 2020, headers, icons, numbers on colored substrates will remain in fashion. It all looks a bit retro. Perhaps this is just the case when they say that fashion is cyclical. Large brands are not afraid to smell like mothballs, but rather relate to this trend as an elixir of youth, rebranding and integrating the trend into a corporate brand book.


Almost 3D

The trend with 3D only scales and this year it is divided into two camps. Some designers give all their energy to create real masterpieces to completely immerse the viewer, while others create only the three-dimensional effect in the illustration, exploding the commercial market.

It is highly recommended to create sites with the 3D effect, taking into account the most fashionable shades of one palette and smooth transitions.

Social interaction

More and more at presentations, we meet signs for additional interaction. These are both links that redirect to social networks, VR&AR applications, to watch videos and elements that only cause emotions associated with social actions. For example, you put a like icon next to a new product, and the audience perceives it more positively, at the end of the presentation show the product name in the search bar, and the potential customer feels that he wants to search more information about him, or put a handset icon near your contacts in order to speed up appeal.


To complete your content you need to depict real-life situations in warm colors.

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