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The design agency, true to its name, specializes mainly in design – that is, in the visual transformation of elements of the external environment. Design is one of the strengths of the Skylab agency – we have been successfully working with a large number of customers for a long time, many of them become our regular customers, and we create a variety of design layouts for them – from leaflets to websites.

Our design services include:

  • logo design
  • business card design
  • corporate identity design – logo, slogan, adaptation to various media and formats
  • site design
  • design of printed products – leaflets, booklets, catalogs
  • package design
  • design of advertising modules for the media
  • exhibition equipment design

The creation of any design layout begins with a discussion of a brief, or a technical assignment – this is the most complete description by the client of what he would like to receive in the end. Even if you do not know how to see the final result, we will always help you in the discussion. In the process of creating each design layout, any information will be valuable – which logos / examples of packaging / advertising do you like, which do not like, what image should be created for the consumer, what message do you want to convey, what status does your company or trademark have, how is it perceived by consumers. It also matters how your competitors look and position themselves. Sometimes, with a complex design study, for example, a new packaging for a product, additional market research is carried out, revealing preferences and characteristics of the consumer’s perception of the product. In general, the more completely the customer fills out the brief for creating a design layout, the more likely it is to accurately hit the desired result.

The work of the Skylab design agency is aimed at increasing the attractiveness of our clients’ brands, their recognition, brightness and attractiveness. Agree, any brand, be it a product or a service, needs its own unique design, and preferably a corporate identity. Consumer perception of products or services largely depends on the visual design of your brand, the first impression is especially important, and especially in the modern market, which is extremely saturated with competing goods and services.

You don’t want to handle sloppy packaging of a product, a tastelessly decorated beauty salon will scare away visitors, a site that hurts your eyes will force a person to close it as soon as possible. Among the abundance of ridiculous banners, flashing advertisements, annoying color combinations, a person will definitely want to choose a clean, modern, stylish design. We consider it our duty to make sure that you have just such.

Opening of a design agency

Starting a design agency is a good business idea. With the growth of the new housing market, the demand for services accompanying the purchase of an apartment is proportionally growing: finishing and renovation of premises, development of design projects and, finally, interior design. The interior design market is growing rapidly: if 5-7 years ago only relatively few could afford this service, now more and more people order the services of designers in order to create a unique atmosphere, cozy and stylish space in their home. Many creative, creative people dream of creating their own interior design studio, because it is a beautiful and interesting business. But this is still a business, so a business approach must coexist with creativity. The successful work of such a studio consists of two components. The first is creative, a carefully thought out architectural and artistic part, the second is successful marketing, the most effective offer and, as an indispensable consequence, the sale of your design services to clients. You can also familiarize yourself with a more detailed business plan for opening your own design (architectural) agency on our website.

Concept design

The concept of a design studio can be foreseen. The idea of ​​creating a company exclusively for the sale of design services will be fruitful only if there are designers in its creative department who have managed to gain popularity in the market and have an excellent portfolio. In this case, the promoted brand will work for your company. Opening a design agency is an exciting, creative and profitable business. The services of a design studio, which undertakes not only the development of the design of the premises, but also carries out architectural and planning design, plus the coordination of the developed projects with the relevant authorities, are in greatest demand among customers. The combination of administrative and creative functions by staff will not contribute to the success of a design studio in the market. An option when artists and designers will create, Realizing all your talents as much as possible, and the sale of services and the management of the company will be carried out by professional managers, it will probably be the best solution. They open their own design agency, most often, designers who already have a solid portfolio and work experience, or it can be a couple – a manager and a designer, each of whom knows his part of the work very well. Opening your own interior design studio, without work experience and knowledge in this area, can lead to quick ruin. If you want to start your own business in this area, it will be useful for a start to work in an existing agency and gain experience and connections. Is this business difficult? Opening a design agency is not difficult. At the initial stage, you do not need a lot of staff, the more employees, the larger the costs of the company, to begin with, when the prospects for business development are not yet clear, costs should be reduced to a minimum. It will be possible to increase the number of staff and office space at any time, but it is better to start small. It will be quite enough to hire several designers and a sales manager, the manager’s position can be combined by a manager. It is best to entrust the accounting department to an outsourcing company right away. The design studio provides services that are perceived by customers in a visual way, so the visual component should be given the most close attention. Everything should be designed in the highest order: your company’s website, catalog of works and the office itself. If it is more or less clear with the catalog and your own website, then we will dwell on the design of the office in more detail. The office of a design agency should dispose clients to relaxed communication with the staff and present the studio as a creative workshop capable of finding a non-standard solution for interior decoration. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the interior decoration of the office. It should be decorated with impeccable taste and compare favorably with the “official” type of premises in which companies that are not so creatively oriented are located.



During this time, we have developed and implemented a sufficient number of exclusive residential and commercial interiors. We are able to surprise and complete the task with a guaranteed expected result, find the perfect compromise between functionality and fashionable “tricks”.


Each project for us is an opportunity to show all the talent and create a truly unique project. In your design project, we implement completely new techniques that have not yet been in previous projects.


Everyone should do their job. We value your time, so we suggest you leave the implementation of the project to us. Author’s supervision, control of repair work, equipment of the object – we are ready to solve all these issues for you, with constant photo-video-email reports. And all this is within the agreed budget.


In our understanding, a design project is not just beautiful graphics. Any project of the Adrenaline studios design studio is a carefully thought-out space that exactly matches the lifestyle, tastes, and needs of the customer. This is an individually developed concept of the room, which includes not only household items and electronics, but also a layout of redevelopment, laughter of the placement of electrical wiring and lighting devices, a floor plan with an indication of the layout of materials, exact dimensions and much more.

In fact, our designers prepare not only a plan for the visual transformation of the premises, but a detailed guide to the renovation of the premises. Of course, it is not easy to immediately determine what you need, what materials are better suited for the implementation of a particular idea, what functionality you can count on, taking into account the area. That is why the first stage of cooperation with the studio will be a detailed consultation with a specialist.

By contacting our specialists, you can share your wishes about interior design and get detailed information about what our work will be, get recommendations on the possibilities of reworking the space of the room, you will find out in advance how long it will take us to implement the idea.



Adrenaline studios – the world through the eyes of a designer

Interior design has a definite impact on a person. It is possible that the owner of the premises may change both their attitude to what is happening and to their individuality. A good interior design of the required space in the implementation of the architectural and design bureau Adrenaline studios is a space that complements the credo of life and emphasizes the character. The result of our work creates a feeling in the customer that the design solutions and decoration of the premises were made just for him. Stylish design and modern interior decor are a reason to feel fulfilled, because the price of success is just the sum of such moments. The overall design, interior design and comfortable environment always play an important role for a successful person.

Any interior project of the Adrenaline studios design studio (Ukraine, Kiev) is created in close contact with the client. Every design element made by the company’s employees exactly reflects his wishes. No matter how incredible the customer’s fantasy is, we will professionally, in compliance with all building codes and regulations, bring it to life. After all, a designer and a designer’s perception of the world around them is not so much a profession as a state of mind that longs to visualize, design and decorate.

Philosophy of creativity from Adrenaline studios

We strive to create, first of all, a comfortable design and interior decoration. Each decision that our creative “workshops” give out is made taking into account the individual characteristics of the owner of the premises. The fundamental thought for us is what will completely suit the owner of the apartment, his family or business partners. We rely on experience, creativity, the latest achievements in the field of architecture and, as a result, we get the most successful solution. We make every effort to ensure that the final result is better than the client could imagine.

All employees of our studio have a worthy creative portfolio. The flight of imagination of our specialists is always based on the foundation of practical knowledge and skills. Even if we quite clearly grasp the customer’s vision, then we will definitely provide an alternative option that is able to show the object from a new, often unexpected side. Our studio avoids easy ways, we want to do only the best. We strive to live a life filled with creativity, finding such design solutions that will breathe new life into any client’s object. At the same time, the customer can be calm, because the final result of the work of the studio team is always a practical and well-grounded decision, in which there is no place for compromises in quality issues.

The pricing policy of the design agency

Our agency has been working in the field of modern interior design for many years. The development of projects and decoration is carried out by our small but friendly team. Prices for visualization services and the development of an interior design project from a famous designer are affordable both in Kiev and in other cities of Ukraine, such as Kharkov, etc.

We work with objects of any complexity, from a small apartment to the level of a spacious private mansion. Before you announce how much an interior designer’s service costs for creating a design project for an apartment, office, private cottage, a creative workshop with visualization, drawings, plans, cost estimates, you must fill out the detailed brief offered on our website. The more clearly your wishes are written out, the sooner a full price list with the cost of the ordered interior design will be provided. The cost of the services of a designer and an architect in the development of an interior design project is determined individually, depending on the composition of the project, which is guaranteed to include the visualization of all proposed solutions.

Our cozy design studio workshop offers not to experiment, but to immediately order the services of a designer from us and buy an interior design project with a different stylistic design direction. We invite everyone interested in this type of art to the studio site in the section where our company demonstrates its final design work. Agree that the expended efforts of the “designer-customer” tandem are worth the result.

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