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A digital agency (also called “digital”) is a company, a group of people who are able to provide a client with an expert assessment and implementation of ideas in the field of site building, creativity, strategy, advertising and customer service.

That is, professional digital agencies are not limited to creating websites. They work comprehensively to create and strengthen the company’s name on the market (and not only in the Ukrainian one), its promotion in the media: on forums, partner sites, portals, social networks, Instagram and even on radio and television, using effective viral advertising. Unlike a regular web studio, the agency’s work does not stop at the end of the project promotion. Representatives of such a company can continue to develop the project for years, promote it in the media, trying to maximize its recognition and customer loyalty.

Today, some digital agencies have completely moved away from website development. These tasks are performed by the web studios with which the companies cooperate. After the project is completed, the site begins its promotion, but not only in standard ways, but in all known and relevant channels.


All digital studios operate in a fairly high price segment. The thing is that the company itself is built on a group of professionals. We do not mean those would-be specialists who, after completing introductory courses in design development, are already ready to provide their services for hundreds of dollars, positioning themselves as mega-professionals, but real experts in their field. Each team member has tremendous experience in a similar field of activity, knows all the threads and loopholes and is constantly in trend of the latest developments in Internet development and advertising.

If a digital studio is engaged in website development, then the team includes a project manager, marketer, designer, layout designer, programmer, content manager and copywriter. If it is engaged exclusively in advertising promotion, then the company can only consist of marketers, analysts, a SEO specialist and a project manager. Agencies can bring in other experts from outside. For example, photographers or even fashion models to create cool themed photos. But all the freelance members involved are just the same professionals and their services cost a lot of money.


Should I order website development from a digital agency? Definitely yes. But be prepared to spend money at the same time. If you have the finances and have already decided on the services of digital studios, be sure that your expectations will definitely pay off with great demand, sales and popularity in your business niche.

Areas of work of digital agencies

There are several ramifications that a studio typically operates on. But she does not always do everything – sometimes she includes one or several areas in which she specializes at a very high level.

Let’s consider further what a digital agency is and what it does

Areas of work:

  • creation of sites and setting up their correct operation;
  • SEO promotion;
  • increasing awareness and attracting attention through digital media – radio, television;
  • improving the opinion of the brand on the Internet;
  • promotion in online communities – in social networks and forums;
  • Internet advertising.

Sometimes studios choose one or more areas in order to be more specialized in one industry.

Key digital marketing activities:search engine optimization(SEO),search engine marketing(SEM),content marketing, influencer marketing, content creation automation, e-commerce marketing,social media marketing(SMM), direct mail,contextual advertising, advertising in e-books, programs, games and other forms of digital products. Channels that are not directly related to the Internet are also used: mobile phones (SMSandMMS), callback, call hold melodies. The fundamental concept of digital marketing is a customer-centric approach.

Digital marketing is a collection of methods using digital channels to promote and sell goods and services.


The use of digital marketing today not only allows brands and retailers to promote their products and services, but also provides online customer support through 24/7 services, quick response to customer messages, prompt order processing and much more. Working with customers and building communication with them on social networks allows brands to receive both positive and negative reviews, as well as determine which media platforms work well for them and allow them to expand their audience and attract new customers. Thus, digital marketing has become a more significant benefit for brands and businesses.

Nowadays, consumers often post online reviews on social media, blogs, and websites about their experiences with a product or brand.

Advertising messages addressed not on behalf of the company, but directly from the same users, opinion leaders, often have a greater impact on customers. This is a new way of communicating with the audience and promoting products with the help of bloggers. Also, ordinary users of social networks share their experiences, highlighting certain brands and products. This was noted in a study on Instagram, where it was noted that teenage Instagram users are posting images of food-related events, tagging the location on their social media platforms, providing free advertising for the brand. Companies are increasingly profitable to use social media platforms to connect with their customers and create dialogues and discussions. The potential reach of social media is supported by the fact that in 2014 there were over 126 million unique users on the Facebook app every month and over 97 million on YouTube every month.

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