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Digital design Is a new generation specialty, which is a synthesis of artistic activity, special system design thinking and information technology.

Relevance of education

The active development of technologies has led at the moment to a high demand for specialists in the field of digital content design. The practice-oriented approach provides each student with the opportunity, even at the stage of study, to test their strengths and gain experience in working on real projects, as well as form an impressive portfolio. Graduates will be able to apply the acquired skills in the field of web development, television, film, advertising, media, business, gaming and education; become part of Russian and foreign companies engaged in the development and implementation of digital products in various fields around the world.

The benefits of education

You can:

become a web designer and develop design for websites, landing pages and web applications;

become a designer of user interfaces and mobile applications;

become a game designer and develop the concept, mechanics, interface of the game; create characters, simulate play space and levels;

become a video designer and develop 3D videos, animated graphics, titles; edit video and create visual special effects;

become a digital advertising designer and create graphics for the Internet, media, television;

This is Adrenaline studios!

We are a marketing agency that delivers more – with results – driven collaboration and actionable ideas. We’re here to help you with creative website designs, online advertising and email marketing to help you reach the right audience, drive traffic for your business, and dominate search engine results. We are owned by the national media company Grant Broadcasters and are the best in our industry.

Website design

Your business deserves a fantastic, well-optimized website – and this is a vital key to the success of your online business. Your website should reflect your brand identity, engage your target audience, inform them of what you are doing, and encourage them to take positive action.

At Adrenaline studios Digital, we create creative and engaging websites designed to deliver – optimized to function well, to rank on Google, to engage your audience, and ultimately to build connections and encourage conversation.

Social media marketing

Is your business getting the most out of social media in terms of engagement and leads? Social media marketing isn’t about sales in the first place – it’s about talking.

At Adrenaline studios Digital, our team of social media enthusiasts have ideas and techniques to help you take full advantage of the power of social media for your business. This means focusing on initiating conversations and making effective connections.

Google Ads

Is your site delivering results? Even the most compelling, SEO-optimized website needs targeted advertising for maximum results. This is why Google ad campaigns can be so effective – driving traffic to your website and generating leads.

Adrenaline studios Digital’s team of search and display strategists have the knowledge and talent to optimize your Google Ads within your budget to meet your online goals.

Email Marketing

Email marketing can be a powerful and economical aspect of your broader marketing strategy, but you need to get it right. When implemented correctly, it is one of the most effective channels for generating attention and income for your business.

At Adrenaline studios Digital, our team of creative thinkers have the tools and expertise to help you deliver targeted email campaigns to your subscribers that drive engagement and results through website visits, store visits and inquiries.

Stay up to date with Adrenaline studios

We use ideas, storytelling and technology to create strong, dynamic connections between people, products and companies. Working closely together to produce the best possible work for our clients, result-oriented collaboration fuels our creative fire.

For us, inclusion is how we use our differences to our advantage – to learn the unfamiliar, seek universal truths, develop visual languages, and create marketing strategies so effective that consumers are immediately involved.

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