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A profession of digital marketing consultant today is comparable to building an airplane right in the air. It is easy to get lost because the requirements, tools, formats, and platforms are constantly changing. However, there are always people skillfully tacking in the changing trends and successfully share their wisdom with others.

The roles and functions of a marketing consultant in a company – Digital Agency London

At first glance, it seems that the main task of any consultant, including marketing one, is to solve the problem, find the reasons for its appearance and effective ways to solve it. But this process is already serious marketing research, and the consultant does not differ from the researcher in this case.

To a large extent, the matter of their roles has a lot in common. But the difference between a consultant and a researcher is that the main object of the consultant’s influence is the organizational behavior of personnel at all managerial levels, the practical promotion of the marketing management concept at the company, and the cultivation of marketing ideology at the company.

One of the first steps in moving forward is the restructuring of information flows, and then of authority and responsibility.

A consultant can have different roles. One of them is the position of the leader who works freely and creatively solves strategic tasks.  The second one is the role of an adviser, often turning into the role of an unofficial highly paid assistant to the head of a company.

The role of the marketing manager involves the temporary empowerment of the consultant with the appropriate authority. The most likely danger is opposition from the full-time managers of existing structures.

The consultant often has to fulfill the functions of a mediator, arbitrator, expert in the relationship of an existing marketing unit with management and other services (supply, sales, etc.). Many roles are associated with the activities of marketing teams.

The general consultant, as the head of independent marketing service, can delegate his employees to the company’s marketing service or the public relations department, contributing to the gradual growth of their status.

At the same time, the employees of the firm’s department carry out prolonged research and increase their scientific status. Cooperation is carried out mainly by “planting a research landing” on production, and the complexity of research is gradually turning the marketing department into the flagship department of the company, whose image is growing in the field of science.

How to become an internet marketer?

The activities of specialists in the field of Internet marketing are aimed at attracting the audience to the product. You can achieve your goals on different scales, through promotion on social networks or by developing multiple advertising strategies.

Desirable items in the track record of an Internet marketer are a good IT or economic education and practical business experience. Flexibility, mobility and the ability to quickly grasp the skills of working with new programs and platforms are no less important since the specifics of Internet marketing are in the dynamic evolution and constant increase in competition.

There are two ways to understand the principles of promoting a product or service:

  1. You should have a sufficient theoretical base and some practical skills;
  2. Fulfilling the responsibilities of a marketer will allow you to learn the basic terms in this area and at the same time provide invaluable practical experience.

Learning is the head of everything. This proverb is relevant for a marketer beginner, in other words, education in the field of business or marketing will be a good start to your career path. Knowledge of IT, graphic design and how to correctly describe the product will not be enough. Using such skills, you can create a portfolio and expensively “sell” yourself in the labor market.

The Internet is good. Do not underestimate the importance of social networks, the presence of your website or blog, participation in affiliate programs. Using all the Internet channels, you can profitably express yourself and outshine your competitors.

Stay on top of the news. We encourage you to follow the latest Google innovations, trends in the world of social media and marketing research.

A portfolio is an effective tool instead of a thousand words. Samples of the websites you created, content management systems, sales schemes, assembled in print and online versions, will be the best demonstration of your potential and capabilities as a potential employee of the company.

Work as an Internet marketer

Choice of specialization. It is better to choose one narrow direction that could be studied perfectly. Of course, the versatility of a specialist gives him more chances to find a job, but it is difficult to achieve a concentration of forces in one direction.

Never neglect offers to get a job as a marketing consultant in a company. The prospect of career growth and achievement of the goals should be the main motive.

Competent advertising. In the content of your site, portfolio and image, the concept you are positioning should be displayed. Also, be sure to maintain business ties, try your hand at new projects and announce your services in the region.

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