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Digital marketing and full-service agency

Marketing agency is a company that specializes in market research and development of solutions to increase sales.

What is the difference between a regular marketing services agency and a digital agency?

Digital marketing (also called digital or interactive) involves the use of various digital channels to promote.

This does not mean that the digital marketing agency works only on the Internet. At the moment, there is a tendency to integrate online promotion into an offline environment.

For example, the use of traditional advertising methods to attract the target audience to the virtual world (QR codes in magazines or interactive street posters).

What is the essence of the full cycle in marketing work?

A full-cycle digital agency is distinguished by the fact that it offers the client a full range of advertising services, including the development, production and placement of advertising products in various media

They turn to integrated marketing communications agencies because it is more convenient to work with them than with several contractors, each of which undertakes only a part of advertising services – the customer does not need to coordinate the actions of several organizations.

The effectiveness of online promotion by full-cycle marketing agencies is much higher, since all possible advertising distribution channels are used: sites, forums, social networks, etc.

What is internet marketing?

Internet marketing – the practical use of marketing tools on the Internet.

Internet marketing agencies use various promotion methods in order to get the maximum response from consumers in the online space.

At the moment, the promotion of goods and services on the Internet is the most effective tool for business marketing – a company or brand can appeal directly to its target audience, reducing the cost of advertising campaigns.

What are the key business metrics used on the web?

The effectiveness of Internet marketing in business communications agencies is assessed by three main indicators:

  • CTR (click-through rate of advertising – how many interested users clicked on the material);
  • CPC (cost per click);
  • CPS (cost of sale – the amount of funds spent on one sale).

What services should you contact a marketing agency for?

Marketing services include

  • conducting research (analysis of the market, consumers, brand, competitors, etc.),
  • promotion using various channels,
  • branding (development and positioning of the “face” of the company),
  • bringing a new product or service to the market,
  • sales promotion.

Marketing technology agencies offer marketing outsourcing, which allows the customer to abandon the formation of their own marketing department and reduce promotion costs.

Differences between marketing in Russia and other countries

E-commerce has existed in Russia for about seven years. During this time, the country entered the top 10 markets around the world – for example, the turnover of the Russian market in 2014 amounted to € 15.5 billion and continues to grow. However, marketing agencies in Russia work somewhat differently than in other countries.

For example, in Europe and the USA, when planning an advertising strategy on the Internet, much attention is paid to its effectiveness, therefore, the depth and accuracy of market and audience analysis, and clear positioning of a brand or product are of key importance.

In Russia, among the online promotion agencies on the online advertising market, there are a large number of players offering private ideas without reference to efficiency.

When choosing a marketing agency for effective online advertising, it is better to focus on full-cycle companies, since the final result is the highest when using a single advertising communication across all channels.

We will pump your idea and make it work

We build strategies

We build and implement balanced digital strategies that are aimed at maximizing market potential and achieving the planned KPIs. Without a strategy, mistakes are inevitable

We work for the brand

We form the correct image of the brand on the network, we maintain constant communication of the brand with its target audience. This allows you to retain customers and ensure repeat purchases.

Guaranteed quality

We know that the result is important to you, not the process. More than 5 years of work in the market, more than 1500 successfully implemented projects, we know how to get the desired result on time

Sales building

Creating and building a sales funnel, developing a CRM system, developing a marketing strategy, conducting an effective advertising campaign, analytics


We solve the problems facing the partners’ business in order to grow in profit and turnover: we bring traffic and leads, optimize conversion, analyze indicators and correctly distribute the marketing budget based on the effectiveness of the tools.

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