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Of course, it is the general design that serves as a means of conveying basic information about the brand: its philosophy, direction of activity, pricing policy, target audience and other components of the chosen concept. However, the core of any general design is graphics. This is a central image designed to focus the consumer’s attention on the product, evoke positive emotions and motivate them to buy (when it comes to product branding). In addition, it is the graphic component of the design that accounts for the lion’s share of the credit for the uniqueness of the image. It is impossible to develop a high-quality design, excluding graphics.

Our design studio has excellent professional and creative resources to create both vector graphic designs and hand-drawn central images. A creative team of our specialists will perform graphic design of any complexity for you as soon as possible – be it a character, illustration or icons for a website.

Developing a character for advertising media is not easy, but very interesting. And most importantly, it is one of the most effective tools for attracting the attention of the user audience. The character brings an adventurous note to the design of the brand’s products: consumers want to know how the character looks in different situations (read: in the design of different media). In addition, the identity of the character with the brand occurs in the consumer’s mind. That is why it is important to choose the optimal shapes, colors and plot for rendering this image.

In cases where character creation is not required, graphic illustration is used in the design. Most often, its rendering is carried out in vector mode, but the artists of our studio can do it by hand. Such an illustration is always a winning option, because what is not standard is guaranteed to attract attention.

It’s unthinkable without high-quality graphics and icon creation. This is a rather difficult task, because with the help of a very small drawing, you need to convey the required content as succinctly and accurately as possible. However, our advertising agency can easily cope with such a task.

Kiev, Odessa, Chernivtsi and many other cities have already been convinced of the quality of the work performed by our design studio. Residents of these settlements are constantly buying products, over the design of which we have worked hard. The result of our work is always an increase in sales and an increase in brand loyalty of the user audience.

Graphic design is a visual communication tool. To put it simply, it is the expression of ideas, meanings and values ​​through images, images, fonts, videos, etc. Interesting modern specialization.

The editors prepared a detailed overview of this area with a large number of examples, which include:

  • all kinds of graph design;
  • what a graphic designer does;
  • how to start in the profession;
  • where to study and find a job;
  • how much a graphic designer earns;
  • what to read, how to get inspired;
  • where to look for work;
  • answered the most popular questions

After reading the article to the end, you will definitely know many ways for your development.

Types of graphic design

Graphic design addresses many different challenges through colors, shapes, images, compositions, and typography. It is impossible to solve any problems with one method or tool, therefore there are several types of graphic design. Usually designers specialize in one type, but today you need to be flexible and delve into all branches of the sphere. Also, do not forget to check out the best graphic design courses.

Graphic design in the visual identity of a brand a couple of definitions …

Branding is the art of searching, clarifying meanings and translating them into precise images to increase business profits.

Brand design is a project activity to create an individual visual environment for a brand that reflects the main value and emotional characteristics of a product or service (meanings) in means of communication (images).

A brand’s visual identity is about its personality and how the company creates that connection with its audience. Graphic design in identity uses visual elements that convey the corporate identity and create the face of the brand. Identity can tell the story of a company, convey experience and emotions.

Designers involved in such projects work with logos, typography, image library, color scheme, business cards, corporate letterheads and other visual components of the brand.

To keep the branding theme alive, designers develop style guides. With their help, all products and visual representations of the brand maintain the unity of style, while maintaining the basic concept.

It can be:

  • Logo.
  • Brand design system (colors, fonts, backgrounds, elements, style, illustrations, etc.)
  • Brand book.
  • Mockups for all this.

This is a complex industry that requires extensive knowledge. The designer must solve problems with any media of visual information: advertising, packaging, information materials. Each stage of visual identity development can contain dozens and hundreds of design tasks.

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