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A web application is, in simple terms, a program that runs in the user’s browser (client-server application). Internet applications can be both simple (for example, a website with a personal account), and quite complex, for example, ERP systems distributed according to the SaaS model.

We create web applications of any scale, complexity and industry focus. Each project is developed based on the specific business goals of our customers.

Types of Internet Applications

eCommerce platforms

E-commerce applications include online stores, marketplaces, B2B portals, and online auctions. Integration with payment systems and delivery services is important for such sites. Other priorities include ensuring security and creating the best possible user experience.

Business automation systems

CRM, ERP systems, accounting software and electronic document management platforms can also be installed in the cloud. Thus, all data will be consolidated on a secure server. And employees and partners with the required access level will be able to use the system’s capabilities without being tied to a specific computer.

SaaS platforms

SaaS applications are not distributed in the form of installation files, like traditional software, but are downloaded directly to the user’s browser from your server. This model is beneficial for both the software vendor and the users, but to build a SaaS product, you need a qualified developer with experience in complex projects.

MVP for startups

The best way to launch a startup is to develop an MVP – the minimum viable product. Such a web application will have all the necessary functions to test your idea and attract the first users. We can act as your technology partner and build a working version of the product for you, which will make it much easier to attract investors.

Data aggregators

Aggregator sites are automated platforms that receive data from news agencies, topic sites, and other content providers. From the point of view of users, the advantage of the aggregator is that all materials are collected on a single site in a convenient format. At the same time, the owner of the aggregator does not need to maintain his own edition of the authors.

B2B portals

B2B portals automate and simplify transactions between business partners. On the portal, your wholesale customers will be able to independently place orders, receive information about goods they are interested in, make payments, check delivery status and perform other operations. To improve the speed of order fulfillment, the B2B portal can be integrated with your ERP and CRM.

Benefits of web applications


  • Web applications run on mobile and desktop to reach the widest possible audience.

Ease of updating

  • When you update the application, all users have immediate access to the latest version of your software.


  • Flexible integration options with all services that support data exchange via API.


  • By working on the SaaS model, you are protected from piracy distribution of your application.


  • By automating internal processes, implementing a web application will make your business more efficient.

Unified base

  • Web applications can act as the central database for all other company services and applications.

Data protection

When developing a web application, it is important to provide secure access to centralized data. Methods:

Creation of a system of user accounts with different privileges and access levels.

Encrypted HTTPS connection.

Implementation of multi-factor authentication: password, email verification, SMS.

Integration with other systems

Web applications have more integration options than desktop software. The web application can be synchronized with external services and internal software through: API, RSS, XML, Parsing, WEBHOOK

Configuring for different platforms

The interface and display of the content of Internet applications must be configured for various devices (mobile, tablets, laptops, smart TV, PC) and browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge). There are several approaches to cross-platform adaptation:

Adaptive layout.

Responsive design.


Separate mobile version.

Updating the program code

Web applications, unlike desktop software, are stored centrally on a single server. This makes it possible to change the program code for all users at the same time. Thus, all of your clients get access to:

  • Latest system updates.
  • Security patches
  • New features. 

We integrate the web application with other services

Delivery service

Connecting transport services makes it possible to track the status of orders, view the status of payment, delivery terms and other information. We will connect to your application any Ukrainian (New mail, Ukrposhta, Justin) and international (DHL, FedEx, UPS) delivery services.

Mobile applications

Smartphone users make up a significant portion of the audience for any business. The integration of the website and mobile application will increase the reach of your marketing campaigns and give your customers the opportunity to choose the communication channel that is convenient for them. If necessary, we will not only build a responsive website for you, but also develop a full-fledged mobile application.

Accounting systems

We integrate with software for financial and warehouse accounting, ERP systems and other corporate software: 1C, Bitrix, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics. We will set up automatic data exchange between departments of your company. If necessary, we will digitize the processes and carry out a comprehensive digitalization of the company.


We synchronize your site with a CRM system. Data about leads, customers, requests and orders will automatically go to your CRM. This will increase the efficiency of the sales and marketing department, as well as improve the quality of customer service by accelerating order fulfillment. If you do not have a CRM platform yet, we can develop a system that is maximally optimized for the needs of your business.

Mailing services

Let’s set up a multichannel newsletter service that supports email, instant messengers, SMS and browser notifications. Integration with mailing services will lay the foundation for effective communication with your customers. Turn leads into buyers, strengthen connections with old customers, and simply inform your subscribers in a fully automatic way.

Payment systems

Integration of payment systems makes it possible to pay for goods and services directly on your website. Based on the goals of the project and the region of users, we will connect payment systems (Visa, Mastercard), online banking (Privat24), PayPal, and other services to your web application. We will set up a secure connection to guarantee uninterrupted and high-speed transactions.

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