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You have an idea to create an interesting startup, but you don’t know where to start. I’m sure you want to hire people who will help you implement your idea in the best possible way. In this article, we will discuss how to find developers for a startup and enjoy the collaboration. English version of how to hire web developers for a startup.


First of all, you need to clearly describe your idea, and if you don’t have one yet, read the best business ideas 2020 for inspiration. Nobody knows the project better than you. This is your idea that can generate millions of dollars in revenue. Structure your thoughts for future developers. List the features and capabilities that you want to implement. For example, when creating a crowdfunding platform, this will be the functionality of connecting a payment gateway for card payments. How to find a developer in a startup

Money & MVP

Money is one of the hardest questions for a startup. At the first stage, they are not enough, and in order to receive investment, you need to prepare a project. Investors need to see where they are investing. In this case, I recommend starting with MVP (minimum viable product).

A project with a minimal set of functions is green for a great future. Minimum features, minimum time and minimum budget. Several months of work (depending on the complexity) and you can launch a startup. And there will already be something to talk about with investors. In any case, you should have a minimum budget to start, be it an electronic distance learning system or artificial intelligence.

Share in the company

You can motivate developers to work with your project not for money, but for a share in the company. This is an interesting approach and does not always lead to the desired results. A share in a company in the distant future cannot motivate for a long time. In our experience, enthusiasm is enough for a maximum of 1-2 months. Then the developer loses interest and disappears, in the future he may appear and claim his share, since he made efforts and contribution to the company. It doesn’t matter how cool and unique your food delivery app idea is. Be very careful about this issue and choose reliable partners.


For a web development startup, you can find freelancers. It’s a good choice, but it comes with some risks. Finding a good freelancer is only half the battle. They are generally good at one type of skill. A developer cannot be a good designer and analyst. If you want to get a large investment, you need a high quality project: trendy design, high speed, no mistakes. One-day freelancers are easy to identify by their characteristic handwriting – they often publish stolen and other people’s projects, for example, ready-made scripts for Internet auctions.

Thus, you should take care of the high qualifications of a developer, designer, tester, architect, and even analyst in advance. You must understand that this is your investment in the future. The second problem is to properly organize the work of freelancers. They must work as a single mechanism and must be monitored. Some freelancers can only emulate work. Don’t let your money go down the drain.

Company web

You can find developers inside the web development company. Do you think their cost is much more expensive than freelancers? But in reality, this is not always the case. Companies that work in a holistic manner provide flexible solutions. Typically, companies have a wide range of professionals. If at some point you just need a free consultation from a SEO specialist, the web agency will help you in this matter.

For example, our company Merehead launched its own startup in 2014 and took part in the competition for the best startups in Eastern Europe. We are very familiar with the problems that start-up startups have and always offer an individual approach. Cool companies communicate on equal terms and help you develop your idea. They are very familiar with CRM systems as described here. You can apply and we will find the best solution for you. We love developing interesting startups and have fun with it.

How do I find developers?

Finding good developers is not easy. There are many criteria for finding suitable candidates, and here is a short list of the main points to look out for when hiring a developer.


The good guys have a good track record of completed projects. Check out their portfolios, ask them to submit projects with similar features. Be sure to check their level of design. Large projects and modern design are an indicator of quality. Trust the work of professionals. How to find a developer in a startup

Personal connection

At the second stage, we recommend discussing the details of the project via Skype, Slack, etc. Nothing can replace personal communication. In the process of communication, you will understand whether a developer or company is right for your startup.


In the process of communication, ask what technologies will be used for your project. Use popular programming languages ​​that fit your project well. If you are far from technical terms and it is difficult to understand what they are telling you. Ask for an explanation of why these particular technologies will be used for your startup. What are their advantages over others? A professional will always give an extended answer to your question.

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