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If you want to create your own brand, there are a few important tips. The list of mandatory steps to create a brand is useful when you seriously take it for this difficult, but an interesting thing.

With everyone, not even a year, but a day, the competition is getting stronger and stronger. There are giant companies that bite off a large piece of cake from customers under the cream. Small competitors appear, which also pinch a piece of the market with a dessert spoon.

In order not to lose in this race, there are more than 5000+ ways of marketing.

But if you plan to go long and steadily, then it’s time for you to deal not only with chips but also with longer-term tasks. Namely, think about how to brand build from your company.

Thinking about brand build with Digital Agency London

If you think that the word “brand” means the process of creating a logo or slogan, then you are mistaken. Everything is much more global than it seems. Also, if you think that a brand is a pathos and a huge amount of money for image advertising, I hurry to disappoint you.

Often, this sin is known to companies that aggressively promote their brand to the masses. In fact, the word brand hides much more: customer focus, company values, recognition among consumers, etc. All this is part of why the client makes the decision to purchase it from you.

And, as already said, if you plan to do business “in the long,” then without creating your own brand, you will not get anywhere. Although at the beginning of my marketing journey I thought very differently. So where to start creating a brand? Perhaps the most important. You need to clearly understand who your customers are, what their needs are, and how they perceive your company. Depending on how much the company supports its values and beliefs, how honest it is in its actions, employees and customers have positive or negative feelings about it.
Can customers think of your company as something tangible, individual and real? If you act openly, then attract people like you. And then you can build friendships with customers.

Think of a brand image

Before you enter the market and predict profits, you need to decide what kind of goods you sell and to whom. The brand image is the basis of all your subsequent actions, so think of it as carefully as possible.

To get started, answer the following questions:

  • What are the five main characteristics of your business?
  • What problem is your business trying to solve?
  • Which audience will be interested in your offer?
  • What is your difference from competitors?

Decide on the brand’s “voice”

Working on the image, try to imagine at the same time how your brand will “sound”. By the word “sound” we mean how you want to represent your business to customers. What message should they catch? How to make this message sound loud and clear?
Suppose, by formulating the five characteristics of your business, you decided that you have it entertaining, affordable, reliable, for the whole family and stable. Fine! And now think what images, words, and colors will best convey these characteristics to the audience.

Write a consistent marketing plan

The goals of all companies are more or less the same, but the ways to achieve them can vary greatly depending on the positioning. If you offer high-quality services or products, then keep the bar and do not get carried away with discounts and promotions; and if your target audience is computer game lovers, then influence them through the communication channels that are popular in their get-together.

Formulate requirements for design and content

Now that your brand has an image and a “voice”, and you have a ready marketing plan, you can move on to creating a visual style and texts.
Start by developing a name and slogan. Together, they should reflect the very essence of your brand and serve as the foundation for promotional campaigns, advertising, website texts and even live communication with the audience.

The next step is designing. One of the main differences of big business from “business on the knee” is to use a single visual style. You need to make sure that people recognize your brand by the same design. You do not confuse Coca-Cola with Starbucks? This is what you should strive for.

Make a good website

Successful branding, especially for a new business, is very strongly tied to the presence on the Internet, because the network is an incredibly effective tool for reaching the target audience, and the site, unlike traditional media channels, can be afforded even by the poorest company.
When you start working on a site that will tie together all the key elements of the brand — image, voice, text, and design — pay attention to the following things:

The correct domain name

The website’s web address should match the brand name. So you, firstly, it will be easier to find, and secondly – it looks professional and convincing;
Mobile version. Please do not think that people access the Internet exclusively from desktop computers, and make a mobile site;
Interesting mailing lists. Email marketing is a great way to keep in touch with your audience.

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