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In the condition of modern times, the competition is getting stronger and stronger every day. And of course, in this situation, the company must use all the instruments, which will help it to get the result. The brand attracts attention more than anything, and today there is a way to brand yourself.
Branding is also branding in Africa, so in order to successfully promote your “I” among the masses, you need a clear marketing plan. I recommend starting building your own brand with:

1 Awareness of what your uniqueness and indispensability

This first step is very important because you need to create for yourself a kind of UTP (unique selling proposition). What is so special about you that is not in the rest? Moreover, it should be assessed as objectively as possible, without any exaggeration, because of how well you form your own person’s UTP, the higher the chances to conquer the world 🙂

2 Setting goals

Next, you need to make a list of goals that you want to achieve. Ideally, use the SMART method – that is, the goals should be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant to your field of activity and limited in time.

3 Understanding who your target audience is

Before starting any marketing activities, it is worthwhile to clearly define for yourself whose minds and hearts you want to conquer. Speaking the language of the marketer, you need to understand exactly who your target audience. For only knowing who they are, what they love, what they read and where they communicate.

4 Drawing up a media plan with Digital Agency London

In accordance with the goals you want to achieve and the target audience, you want to conquer, determine the channels and tools that you can use. And you don’t have to buy watches on TV, or dance Harlem Shake in a crowd, there are other ways 🙂

To promote yourself as a brand, you can use a number of channels, which we will talk about:

  • Creating your own website, personal blog in which to publish your smart thoughts, achievements and other useful material for the target audience.
  • Creating accounts in social networks and their active management + interaction with subscribers.
  • Writing and publishing your articles on authoritative resources.
  • Conducting webinars, podcasts.
  • Writing a super useful book with unique information.
  • Friendship with opinion leaders and people brands.
  • Participation or creation in a viral video (here it is important not to turn into a “star of one-hit”).
  • Going offline – participating in conferences, workshops, shooting on TV.
  • Alternatively, you can use the method of Lorenzo von Matterhorn, just come up with the nickname you want to go through life 🙂

Of course, to achieve the maximum effect, all these channels must be used in the complex. Good luck in building your personal brand!
Brand creation is based on a deep knowledge of the market. The process of creating a brand is quite complicated, and the cost of a mistake can be just an astronomical sum, therefore many large companies prefer not to do it themselves, but transfer the creation of the brand to a professional company in this field.
In order not to lose in this race, there are some common tips to brand yourself. But if you plan to go long and steadily, then it’s time for you to deal with longer-term tasks. First of all, think about how to create a brand yourself from your company.

If you think that the word “brand” means the process of creating a logo or slogan, then you are mistaken.

Everything is much more global than it seems. Also, if you think that a brand is a pathos and a huge amount of money for image advertising, I hurry to disappoint you. Often, this sin is known to companies that aggressively promote their brand to the masses. In fact, the word brand hides much more: customer focus, company values, recognition among consumers, etc. All this is part of why the client makes the decision to purchase it from you.
And, as already said, if you plan to do business “in the long,” then without creating your own brand, you will not get anywhere. Although at the beginning of my marketing journey I thought very differently.

No one knows exactly what is needed to create a strong brand yourself for centuries. This is a job with blurred borders.

The only thing that we know that it occurs in 5 directions:

  1. Brand positioning. This is where the brand is born. What will he occupy a place and what will the company go to. Remember the famous Steve Jobs and his company Apple. It is now that they repositioned a little, and from the very beginning their entire company originated as “computers for everyone, not just for programmers”;
  2. Brand Strategy. At this step, competitors, own company, target audience and other elements of the system are analyzed. Due to this, there is a detailed understanding of the future positioning of the brand and all its subtleties. As well as communication strategies, promotion and reporting to the minds of consumers;
  3. Brand components. This is the entire visible part of the brand, what consumers see: the logo, brand name, trademark, slogans, packaging. So, with what inexperienced entrepreneurs begin to create a company. They create everything “pretty”, and only then they think who they are and for whom;
  4. Brand promotion. At this step, a detailed action plan is being developed to promote brand yourself to the masses. Channels and methods of conveying information are selected, sometimes quite unexpected;
  5. Brand management. This includes everyone’s favorite analytics and monitoring of the current state of the brand. As well as maintenance and corrective measures if something went wrong. One of the main tools in brand management is reputation management (working out public negative references).

The properly created brand becomes quite a helpful weapon that, even in the long run, will still provide the company with growth and loyalty on the part of consumers.

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