How Branding Works

How Branding Works

How Branding Works

The main reason for the lack of development of the brand is that it simply has no chance at all to be born. Famous brands appeared in their own time and in completely different conditions of economic development. For decades they grew and grew stronger. In the conditions of modern competition and lack of time, business has no opportunity to go through the path of trial and error.

We will try to tell in detail about the main pitfalls that await the developing brand, and how to get around them. Specialists of are ready to make high-quality branding for its clients  according to such principles:

  • Concept

Branding is usually understood as two different approaches to creating a brand: the first is the development of corporate identity, slogan and packaging, and the second is the creation of a brand based on consumer behavior, market relations and a number of other factors. The first type is the most common, in fact, branding is not, and not many are engaged in serious business. Some companies mainly develop packaging design, but do not conduct actual research.

And only a few conceptually approach to branding. Once in the trap of surface branding, it is difficult to get out of it. At the rebranding and fashion branding customer interest ends, however, there are those who continue to develop.

  • Marketing

Branding is becoming an important aspect of business development. There is a danger that the recommendations of a specialist will not correspond to the reality in which the customer finds himself. Additional market research in this case will increase the cost of branding, but reduce the risk of error.

  • Information

Branding company prepares a package of documents that reveal the complex brand structure, its ideology and strategy. But this is only the beginning of the development of the brand.

The trap lies in the fact that the customer’s employees who have little command of such methods have to work with these documents and concepts. Most often, employees do not delve into the study of conceptual foundations; as a result, there is arbitrariness and deviation from the original idea.

The lack of communication between the developers of the brand and the employees of the customer leads to the failure of the idea.

  • Control

The image that forms the brand is a collective identifier that is similar to a puzzle. The consumer of the “pieces” of individual elements is their own perception of the brand. A brand occurs when a consumer reproduces a certain trademark from individual informational data (sounds, design, even flavor). This is the uniqueness of the brand.

If a brand falls into a management trap, it is left without real management, since this structure is too thin and complex. It requires broad powers that only the director is vested with. But on this ordeal does not end.

  • Individual approach

Branding involves changing the usual approach, which causes the team sabotage good initiatives. Moreover, all explanatory conversations do not bring a positive result – the biological characteristics of a person simply do not allow common sense to prevail. Moreover, the manager will receive in response a mass of arguments to leave everything as before.

With branding can be solved any problems of the company’s development.

The development and implementation of your brand should be carried out by a working group consisting of interested department heads. This involves real knowledge of the market situation, responsibility, motivation of the team.

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