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Today every business project wants to be the first, and this desire is justified because the success of any agency depends on it. Someone will say: “Follow the trends, and you will always be at your best!”. However, the trends do not live long and require constant serious investments, but small “chips” are the most effective ways to reach a new audience.

There are many ways to attract customers on the network: SEO-site promotion, contextual advertising, company promotion on social networks, content marketing, and email marketing. In this article, we consider the basic tools used by digital marketing agencies to understand how to find potential customers on the Internet.

Attracting Customers With SEO

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You can start searching for customers on the Internet with SEO-optimization of the company’s website. SEO is a project promotion with the help of high-quality unique content and the implementation of search recommendations. Thanks to SEO, the site will fall into the top of the search results and will attract the target audience.

This method of promotion is an ideal means for multi-page service sites, information portals, and online stores. SEO is less suitable for landing pages, business card sites and company sites with highly specialized complex products, such as turbines for nuclear power plants.

SEO optimization can be carried out with the help of a hired SEO specialist or by contacting an SEO agency. SEO does not give quick results. It depends on the age of the domain, the level of competition and other factors; successful website promotion may take from several months to a year.

With independent SEO-optimization of the site, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  • the site should not contain technical errors, for example, redirects that are incorrectly configured or pages mistakenly closed from indexing in the robots.txt file.
  • The basis for creating content and site structure should include the semantic core that is a list of words and phrases by which customers may find the site. Depending on the type of business, the semantic core can consist of both thousands and millions of key phrases;
  • The resource must not have duplicates — completely identical content advertised on different pages. Such situations often occur in online stores when the descriptions of goods completely coincide except for the color of the site or some other minor characteristics. Also, such an error occurs if the page has a print version.
  • The structure of the resource should be clear — it is necessary to create sections and subsections that facilitate navigation and the search for the necessary goods or services, add a search function, a site map;
  •  Their size should be sufficient to reveal the theme of the page and be comparable with the volume of texts of competitors in the TOP search engine results.

The site should be regularly updated: it is necessary to add new sections, pages, videos, and photos or update existing ones. – Digital Agency London

-Most Internet users visit sites using mobile devices, so it is important to adapt the project to portable devices;
site pages should be quickly loaded. You can check the speed and find out how to increase it using the PageSpeed service from Google.

For the successful promotion of the site, internal page linking must be configured, and authoritative resources of a similar theme should also link to it. Advertisements and banners that potential customers will see can be placed on search engines, on other sites, or on social networks.

When setting up PPC by yourself, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • it is necessary to specify the regions in which the advertisement will be displayed;
  • adding key phrases, you need to correctly select the type of match. For example, when choosing a wide type of match, a user who enters the search engine asking “buy a yoga mat” will see an announcement about yoga classes in the fitness center, because both key phrases contain a common word – “yoga”. This setting of the advertising campaign will attract more traffic to the site, but it will be inappropriate, because of this, the budget can be spent irrationally;
  • you need to link the advertising account with the analytics system to analyze the effectiveness of the campaign and, if necessary, make adjustments.

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Attracting a customer to the site through SMM

SMM is a company promotion on social networks. For 2019, 42% of the total population of the Earth uses social networks. 90% of users 23-38 years old use social networks daily. 73% of marketers believe that SMM promotion is effective for their business.

Given the popularity of social networks, creating a business account for promotion in selected social networks is advisable for almost any type of business. Depending on the target audience, you can promote the company on various social networks.

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