How Digital Marketing Company Attract Customers

Everything changes very quickly. The old is replaced by the new, nothing in the world stands still. This also can be applied to a business promotion on the network. Previously, SEO was enough to attract customers on the Internet.

A bit later, Internet marketing came to the rescue of SEO. Now, just Internet marketing is not enough. A new era has come – digital marketing. In this article, we will examine in detail the concept of digital marketing, as well as the channels, services, and tools used by leading digital marketing companies.

Digital marketing – what is it?

Digital marketing is a brand promotion and customer acquisition using all possible digital channels – social networks, e-mail newsletters, contextual advertising, content marketing, etc.

Digital marketing strategy

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Definition of purpose (goals). At this stage, you need to set the goals of the digital strategy, taking into account all the business objectives of the company.

Target audience identification

Identify the target audiences and events that will become a conversion for these groups. Carefully analyze the company’s external and internal digital instruments and channels. Formulate goals, objectives and main challenges for each channel (website, social networks, mobile devices, CRM, ERP, etc.)

Content strategy with Digital Agency London

The content strategy needs to be carefully developed: to consider in detail the audience, method and time of content delivery. Also, you should not deviate from the main goal – to communicate effectively and appropriately with users.

Execution of the strategy

Prioritize tasks based on their urgency, importance, timeline, budget, and other available resources. Then distribute them among the employees and arrange the KPIs.

Getting the result

Determine how you can check the results of each step and the success of the project.

Adjustment of Results

After you have completed all the previous steps, you need to carefully analyze them, find problem areas and make changes to business processes to increase efficiency.

Email Marketing

TheNewYorkTimes has 30 e-mail newsletters with a rate of about 70% of openings. They got this result due to the narrow segmentation of the target audience. For students, they provide one series of letters, for pensioners — another, for sports enthusiasts — the third, etc. An important point is a fact that people open personalized letters more often than with template topics.

Use native ads.
Native advertising has replaced the obsessive tradition. With the help of native advertising, information is presented naturally and unobtrusively. Data from analysts at Polar and Bl intelligence showed that native advertising on mobile devices has 4 times more clicks than any other.

What has changed and what will change in the digital marketing market?

About 25 years ago, brands spent huge budgets on offline advertising — radio, television, big boards, etc. The first digital advertising campaign was launched by EURO RSCG. This event marked the beginning of the transition to the digital era of marketing.

A few years later, a race appeared among the developers of the first search engines. That became a real gift for marketers and companies began to create and promote their sites on the Internet. Then digital marketing starts to use social networks as a new tool for the effective promotion of brands.

Today, competition has grown and it has become very difficult to gain a good place in the market. Marketers are constantly working on new tools for promotion. The network represents millions of companies that offer their products around the clock.

Therefore, brand marketers need to follow all the trends of digital marketing and understand which tools work and which ones no longer exist. Let’s talk about trends that will be relevant soon.

Content visualization is becoming increasingly important. The popularity of online video is growing rapidly. During the TV rush hour, YouTube captures a huge influx of audiences aged 18-25. A daily video posted on Facebook receives more than 8 billion views. Advertisers who order television commercials in prime time shows can receive 56% more audience. High-quality video content will evolve even further.

The importance of personalized content is very significant in digital marketing. All content that you send to potential and existing customers must be different. The solution to the problem could be the creation of a dynamic site that will distinguish the new user from the old one and will show them different information.

Using live broadcasts

Not much time has passed since the moment when such a way of communication in social networks appeared as live broadcasts. But now you can observe how thousands of users use them to the maximum.

The advantage of live streaming for businesses is instant online communication. The user can make a video presentation of the product or share his experience, instantly answering the questions of the audience. Already this year, the stream of online broadcasts accounted for more than 70% of all traffic on the network. Continuous research of this digital marketing tool that is not going to lose momentum.

So, digital marketing is a new trend in global marketing that actively and quickly pushes traditional advertising into the background. The more channels used, the stronger the effect.

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