How Social Media Marketing Agency Works

How Social Media Marketing Agency Works in 2019

How Social Media Marketing Agency Works

Unlike most other communication channels, in social networks people can respond to companies. Marketing turns into a dialogue instead of a monologue. Experienced social media marketing agency is the best wat to get high results in this sphere.


To figure out how companies build social media marketing, you need to answer a few questions:


Who do you need to build communication with?

What social networks to build communication?

What does the company want to get from this job?

What needs to be done to build such a communication?

How to check that marketing works and the company gets the expected result?

Below we will deal with how to find answers to these questions and start working with social networks.


Who do you need to build communication with?

At this stage, you need to find out who exactly is buying from you and your competitors. Find out the target buyer – how old he is, with whom he lives, in what city, what his salary is, what interests him, how many friends he has.


You need to know everything about the customer and his life on the Internet. So you are easier to establish contact with him on social networks. You can speak his language and prove that it is your product that solves his problem. Social media marketing agency will take this aspect into consideration.


To get a useful result from the choice of the audience, check it out. Ask representatives of the target segment if they really care about the product. It is best to make a few sales by hand. Experienced marketers can make a small advertising campaign with a budget of no more than $ 3000 in the context or social networks, with the desired targeting. Do not know how – do without an advertising campaign and limit to a couple of polls. The fact that a marketer or agency called you a segment does not mean that its representatives really will buy something from you.


What social networks to build communication?

Not necessarily limited to one. Work in different social networks – so you will understand which channel attracts more customers. Focus on the approximate profile of the target buyer – most likely, he uses several social networks at once. It is not necessary to be in all networks at once. The coffee shop in Syktyvkar does not need Facebook until it becomes a “Dodo-pizza”.


Go to the advertising offices of each social network and see what sample you get by the audience of your segment. A good sampling on Facebook is less than a hundred thousand users. Feel free to cut off the excess if you get more – users from cities where you do not work, users older and younger than the target audience. For too large an audience, advertising will cost more.


What will the company get from working with social networks?

The company has already received the first three great benefits – an understanding of the portrait of the target buyer, an understanding of which networks customers are in, and what benefits companies sell to them.

Advertising in social networks is a cool channel for promotion, not worse than contextual advertising in search engines.

Our company is social media marketing agency, in which are working specialists, who are ready to solve all the problems of its clients.

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