How to Be a Project Manager

A project manager is a person who performs all tasks for which there is no dedicated specialist in the team. However, some people still do not understand how to be a project manager. In brief, this specialist should be ready for a variety of tasks: to assemble furniture, repair the air conditioner, get through to security, call an ambulance, in general, anything. Adrenaline Studios professionals can help you with everything with is connected with project managing. The main aim of this person is to satisfy the customer.

Who is a project manager and why is he cool?

Well, first of all, you can work in a team of interesting people, if you are lucky, but in general, there is teamwork right in its best manifestations, nothing happens without it. You will have the opportunity to feel part of a real project, to participate in its creation and development. This is one of those positions where you can watch from the start of a process to its end. And this is a special thrill when you see the result. Well, you suffer from the heart.

It is also important that in the process of work you interact not only with people from your team. You also communicate with other interested parties: discuss edits with the project manager, conduct scrum planning sessions and explain to the customer that nine women cannot bear one child per month (after all, large projects are not done this way!). This makes the work of a project manager interesting, but sometimes difficult.

Everyone comes to the project manager with some very important questions, so you have to be involved in all the details of the process. So coming to work first and leaving last is not news. In short, this is not just a job, but an approach to life, forcing one to be able to resolve various case ids. And this is a great experience.

Being a project manager is definitely not boring. Always some new school, problem, well, or bug. Learn to cope with the most difficult tasks.

And another big plus for the representatives of the Z and Y generations – such kind of positions as a project manager always have to informal communication. Just because you know all your colleagues very well and will be with them 24/7.

How to be a project manager in Digital Agency London?

Only a very responsible person can take this position because it is he who controls all the processes. Project-manager is most likely needed if:

  • You have more than 3 people in a team;
  • The team is distributed
  • The team has a lot of external workers.
  • The product owner does not work with the team.

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Basic competencies

The question of how to be a project manager has many answers.

The most important of them are:

  • To have some experience in programming;
  • To have education in the field close to the subject of the project;
  • To be an extrovert but respect introverts;
  • To write texts well and explain the subject to clients;
  • To be ready to work always.

Resource allocation

One of the popular definitions of the term “resource allocation” (“PMO and Project Management Dictionary” from PM Hut) sounds like scheduling work and assigning the resources needed to complete each job within the limits of resource availability and project timeframe.

Resources usually include personnel, tools and equipment, technology and machinery, real estate, natural and financial resources. The purpose of resource allocation is to select the options for their use that ensure maximum efficiency and achieve the goals of a particular project and the company as a whole. It is impossible to find the answer to the question “How to become a project manager?” Without knowing the basics of resource allocation.


The profession is needed mostly everywhere, but Information technologies (programming, automation, website development) always seek for these specialists.

There is the highest demand for this position in other modern industries, too. In every large business, this profession is necessary and economically justified.


The official duties of this person are highly dependent on the scope of the company’s activities, but at the same time, they have a common set of tasks. So, those, who know how to be a project manager, are ready for fulfilling many tasks.

Sometimes these people even work as sales managers.


Requirements for project managers depend on the scope of the company. The average set of requirements is:

  • Higher education (preferably according to the profile of the company);
  • Experience;
  • Good knowledge of the field of activity and its market;
  • Ability to make different very important documentation;
  • Management large experience (within project teams);
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Willingness to travel.

Becoming a true professional

How to be a project manager? This question is asked by many people, but, having learned the answers to it, they already want to choose another specialty. The reasons for this are very simple. You will understand everything clearly after you finish reading some of them.

It is necessary not only to get an education but also to continue learning. You should do it every day, and even at night. You have to be really ready for everyone to hate you. This is a looped state of permanent stress.

For those who think that project management is fun, interesting and exciting, there is unpleasant news: this is far from being the case. There is no creativity here. The project manager is a routine job: collecting ideas, turning them into requirements, planning, controlling deadlines, and accepting work will be your tasks.

Communication skills are incredibly important. Project Manager is, first of all, a communication hub between people who don’t tolerate each other. No one can be born to be a project manager. A good PM is the fruit of a long evolution.

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