How to become creative director

The path of creative director is for those who are interested in art and design, and who are not terrified of many communications and business management. Usually, a creative director job implicates managing a team of designers and copywriters to oversee the artistic production of any media.

This post can bring together the fields of art, business, and interpersonal negotiation. If you are sure you can earn the proper credentials, building a strong and varied skill set, and working very hard, this dream can become true.

Starting the career path in any field, many young people dream of speedy and successful career development. However, no one has reached the top without any efforts. Moreover, you’ll have to work hard to obtain all the sweets of life.

What are the responsibilities of such a position?

Bachelor’s degree in arts in graphic design or animation. Yes, education matters, and you’ll surely have to gain a degree. However, history knows some exceptions.

  • You can start your path with an internship in a famous company. Yet, you can find a good one during your studies at University. At the beginning of the path, you will be very green, and although you might have some contacts with the management team, and especially with the creative director, at the beginning of your work in the company it will be very limited. But don’t be shy and share your fresh ideas with the team.
  • Don’t wait that all of them will be appreciated, but keep trying.
  • You should remember that people at such leading positions in large agencies must oversee dozens of things. But don’t forget that all the directors once been at the same starting position as you’re now
  • So keep yourself well concentrated on the quality of the work, and not on the fact that you’re a new person in the company, as you work matters, otherwise, you won’t be given any chance, right?

As you gain more experience, it’s time to move the ladder. This is the time when junior specialists change their “rang” into a higher one. Be prepared for the fact you also get rid of constant supervision of how your work is done.

Still, if you stop to grow in your company, don’t be so scared to change it. – Digital Agency London

Look for another opportunity in another company, because maybe you had already reached your maximum at the current agency.

-Yes, it might seem horrible and unnecessary, as your current position could be like your comfort zone, but you need this change to keep growing as a specialist. Keep in mind to work properly with your resume and portfolio first.

Meanwhile, working in different agencies gives you a great opportunity to hone your skills and approach you to the managing position of creative director.

Years of productive work and improving the skills will eventually move you to a senior role in your company, like Associate Creative Director, or ACD. You will still specialize in your chosen field, but the new post doesn’t give you any reason to relax. Contrary, you’ll have to work harder than before.

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You’ll face many client meetings, and some amount of no creative work, too.

The creative director will trust you made important decisions, and often without him even got to know about it. Yes, you’ll have more power, but also more responsibilities. Such a position will also give you the right balance of freedom in different creative tasks and management duties.

Keep working hard, and one day you’ll finally reach the top. Thousands of working hours, when you lost the power and motivation but didn’t stop, had led you to the position of a Creative Director. Now it’s you who steer the ship, and the junior workers will look at you with fear and admiration at the same time.

As a creative director, you’ll have a deep-sea full of possibilities. You can stay devoted to your company, or continue to gain more experience and develop other agencies, being on the same position in a larger company, or change your career path into the side of business development, or even chief marketing officer.

Still, you can pursue a career in fashion or graphic design, or industrial sphere once you have gained the experience to do so. Keep in mind that being an artist means working from your heart and creating anything you want, and working in a creative field usually differs. Work hard and that will allow you to reach the top.

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