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Content is one of the main reasons we spend so much time on the Internet. It makes the internet useful, fulfilling and valuable. Just as we need water and food to restore energy, we need interesting information to be aware and develop.

On the Internet, there are answers to all questions,

  • What is the theory of communication?
  • How to build a rocket?“,
  • Who are the best YouTube bloggers?“.

If we talk about YouTube, today it is one of the most popular resources for finding information. YouTube bloggers know exactly how to fix a fence, make the best apple pie, or make people laugh. Nevertheless, it’s interesting to understand what is the secret of YouTube’s popularity and why its content is so different from everyone else.

-Social media experts still cannot agree on what’s causing YouTube’s popularity. They quarrel, hypothesize and shoot videos about YouTube only to conclude that there is far from one reason for the popularity of this channel.

-YouTube is an entertainment channel. We all sometimes need a resource where we can get a dose of fun. That’s why cat videos are so incredibly popular. YouTube makes us laugh, so we love it.

-With YouTube, everyone can get the attention of an audience and get rich. This is a channel for creative people who are not afraid to experiment.

But first, where did the influencers come from and why did everyone suddenly need them.

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Influencers are people whose opinion matters to a certain audience. Most often they interact with this audience through social networks: Instagram, Facebook or YouTube. Influencers talk about the latest trends in the field of a healthy lifestyle, makeup, fashion, art, and literature – the list goes on and on, they are present in almost any field.

Influencers have a loyal audience that listens to them and trusts them. These are not just super popular bloggers with a million followers or hundreds of thousands of fans. Influencers communicate with the audience, know it “in person”, value and respect it. Therefore, they carefully monitor the published content: the influencer-vegan will never promote beef cutlets through their accounts on social networks.

Influencers can be experts in one field or talk about everything at once, and not necessarily the number of their subscribers will be sky-high.

Influencers with a small audience of several tens of thousands often show a higher degree of audience engagement than millionaire bloggers.

Companies – from small local to international networks – introduce influence marketing in their business and attract influencers to promote their products. This is an effective and promising communication channel.

How to become an opinion leader? – Digital Agency London

  • Identify Your Niche. The influencer is well versed in the subject of which he writes, whether online sales of smartphones or the production of cakes. But subscribers are attracted not so much by the vast stock of knowledge, but by the emotional charge received from the agent of influence.
  • In theory, everything looks simple, but the choice of the target audience is a matter for careful consideration. Think about how your followers work, what they dream about, what problems they overcome. What are you willing to spend money on, which brands are preferred, etc. Make a generalized portrait of the user for whom you will create content – this will help you not to get sprayed.
  • Find your “trick”. Most people think by analogies: draw conclusions based on previous life events or based on the experience of relatives and friends. This approach is called standard – it does not require the active inclusion of the brain and looks reliable. But there is a problem: social networks are crowded with experts similar to each other, like mental identical twins. Their content is similar, they use the same formats and promotion methods.
  • If you want to stand out among the “army of clones”, use thinking from the root cause. Instead of following the beaten track of others ’achievements and failures, try to make decisions only on the basis of available data. Share fresh and original ideas with your users – they will appreciate it.

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Develop a content strategy. Think about the presentation style – it will become your business card not only in social networks but also beyond. In terms of content, two factors have a matter:

  • the information you post is interesting and useful to your subscribers;
  • your personality is felt in the materials, your view of events is present, and thoughts are heard clearly and confidently.

Thoroughly think of a strategy for attracting new subscribers. Even the highest quality content and a carefully thought-out schedule of posts will not have an effect if you do not have readers. To search for them, use the same principle as when investing: protect yourself from risks by working with different communication channels.

Social networks are also useful for getting contacts, but the success of your accounts depends on the current algorithms.

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