How to become telemarketing manager

Telemarketing services are in demand in almost all areas of business. It would seem that there is nothing easier than dialing a phone number and suggesting a potential client use the services or purchase goods, talking about the benefits and advantages. Nevertheless, the line between truly effective activities that can benefit the consumer, and annoying importunity is very unsteady. It is quite simple to leave a negative impression of your company, distracting a person with tactless calls and unnecessary offers. Telemarketing is an activity that needs to be implemented correctly.

Telemarketing (telemarketing) – is the management of communication with the audience using the phone, telecommunications technology and database management systems for marketing purposes. The goal of telemarketing is to simplify communication with the audience, sales and the ability to quickly obtain first-hand information.

A telemarketer is not only the person who organizes the communication of the seller and the buyer. Before moving on to sales, the telemarketing manager conducts market research, studies the market to determine the target audience. Communicating with a client, a specialist advertises a product.

The responsibilities of the telemarketing manager include:

  • looking for new clients;
  • contacting with potential consumers;
  • informing about different promotions, goods, and services;
  • creating a customer base;
  • development of discount schemes;
  • preparation of reports on sales volumes.

The telemarketing manager must be sociable, active, have the right speech, be patient with long-term communication with consumers, be able to persuade and quickly navigate in any situation.

Specialist education should not be lower than the secondary special vocational. Priority in hiring is given to those who have a university degree in economics and advertising.

The ability to communicate with potential customers is of paramount importance. In the process of a telephone conversation, the operator not only deals with the promotion of goods but also debugs feedback with potential customers. And although the main goal of such an activity is still the implementation of sales, professionally conducted telemarketing allows you to collect enough valuable information for the manufacturer. A carefully thought-out scenario of communication with a potential consumer helps to determine his preferences and interest in certain characteristics of the product, as well as to find out what properties of the product do not suit him and force him to buy a similar product from competitors. By receiving such information, the company can quickly adjust both the properties and characteristics of its product, as well as the ongoing marketing strategy. Indeed, in order for a product to start buying, sometimes it is enough to make small changes in its parameters, adjust the price or simply give the consumer more complete information about its properties.

Telemarketing Principles – Digital Agency London

Dimension. Give out the information you want to convey, measuredly. You should not dump everything at once. If in response, interesting questions come (for example, about prices, services provided, etc.), then the best option would be to offer a meeting for a personal discussion of all the details. With regard to the pleasant words “action” and “free”, this rule also applies: give only a small dose of information, and the rest – at a meeting.

A script, or a sales script. The conversation scenario must be prepared by you in advance. As a rule, it contains a welcome phrase, a speech – a presentation of your company, as well as a basic list of questions that a client needs to ask. It is important to understand that a soullessly read text is not exactly perceived by the client well, so try to talk from yourself, and use scripts only as a hint.

Confidence. An insecure thin voice clearly does not contribute to the activation of the customer’s desire to make a purchase and, moreover, does not set him up for cooperation, and besides, he will definitely not please the head of the telemarketing department. Another thing is a confident voice, literally expressing the conviction that the recommended product is vital to the interlocutor. Especially important is the ability to tell everything about the product, answer any questions, present it as a kind of masterpiece. The ability to negotiate in this way will help the telemarketing employee to convince the client even during a cold call.

The right approach. A sale should not be like a sale. Try to build a dialogue in such a way as if your interlocutor urgently needed something, and you were there and called at the right time, like a sign from above.

Creativity. Do not use in the conversation banal and annoying everyone from the category: “I want to offer you …”, “Who is buying from you …?”, “I am the representative of the company …”, etc. All of this will lead more to failure than success. Almost all people have already heard something like this, these annoying phrases can even provoke a person to hang up. To avoid such an unpleasant situation, the script should be close to you, which means you should write it yourself, and how to do it right, you can read in the article “Scripts of cold calls”.

Efficiency. Always remember that someone else’s time is valuable, especially if you call the leader. It is important to understand that if your interlocutor doesn’t speak very friendly, declaring that there is no free time for these “empty conversations”, you should not immediately discount the possible option of cooperation. Just ask when you can call back.

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