How to Build a Content Marketing Strategy

How to Build a Content Marketing Strategy

How to Build a Content Marketing Strategy

Brand promotion is created for increasing company awareness. Without a brand, it’s not possible to make it popular and bring income. No big surprise, that most of the companies are ready to spend a lot in order to attract the attention of the customers. And today there are a lot of effective instruments to do this.

The task is to evoke from the target audience stable associations that motivate them to make a purchase. Adrenaline Studios is ready to create an effective content marketing strategy for its clients.

According to the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) for 2018, about 65% of B2B marketers found content marketing more effective than a year ago. In the same issue, more than 80% of experts agreed that the main goal is to form a company audience. If you are not using content marketing yet, then it’s time to find out all the details and nuances in our step-by-step guide.

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What is content marketing and who needs it:

Content marketing is the creation and distribution of content that is useful to the audience in order to increase its loyalty, gain trust and turn it into a client.

You share valuable information with your audience, solve any problems, entertain and begin to build relationships. There is an entrepreneur who organizes unbanal tours of the world: active rest, participation in the carnival, the study of a super-deep cave.

Content creation is preceded by the development of a content marketing strategy. This is a document that describes the goals, objectives, performance criteria, target audience, content formats and channels of its distribution, identified the participants of the process and responsible persons. With the use of strategy, it’s possible to visualize content marketing.

Within the framework of an integrated approach, quite a lot of people work on a content marketing strategy. A marketer, project manager or editor-in-chief is engaged in the development and supervision of a project (depending on the specifics and size of the project).

The manager draws up plans, conducts administrative work, analyzes the results, corrects the goals. The editors are responsible for the quality of the material, select the authors, set tasks for them, and control their work. Designers create visual materials (illustrations, graphics, infographics), select images for publications.



All content marketing strategy must clearly correspond to the goal. And specialists of our company will help to create these goals individually for every client. An effective plan would be created as soon as it’s possible.

Target audience

In content marketing strategy is taken into account the target audience. So, you must clearly understand who your consumer is, what his pain is and how you can be useful. If the content helps solve the user’s problem, then you are on the right track.

The target audience is best described in the strategy with the help of portraits. In the article “How to make a portrait of a buyer,” we talked about this in detail. The more detailed the descriptions, the better. If you still do not know your target audience, we recommend reading on how to define it and that would be a really useful solution.

Analysis of competitors

Today there are almost no areas where there is no competition, so all the competitors must be analyzed beforehand.


After you set goals, get to know your audience and competitors, it’s time to choose the types and formats of content. We give several suitable formats depending on the goals.

Content plan

Now it’s time to take care of its promotion through channels of communication which are available nowadays.

This is the main and final stage of an effective content marketing strategy. But the content plan is not always included in the strategy since this is already a tactical level of planning. Nevertheless, the strategy must fix at least a form of a content plan. You can develop your own template or use one of the ready ones.

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