How to Create a Corporate Video

How to Create a Corporate Video

How to Create a Corporate Video

Creating a corporate film is the most effective way to achieve your goals. It includes a literary component, as well as an audio and visual range to be as informative as possible. With the help of the impact of these three components, the consumer gets an emotional background that stimulates a positive attitude towards the organization.
What is corporate video for?
Corporate video in the era of the information society is becoming increasingly important. It contributes to the development of corporate culture in general. According to the UK videography institute, corporate video is a comprehensive description of video programs created for business and / or informational purposes. It includes product video, service, advertising video company, video simulators and informational videos. Corporate videos are mostly business tools, which are created in most cases in order to create a business, save costs or reduce risks. Compared to traditional media, corporate video can even be a much more effective tool.
The main objectives of a corporate film are to inform the viewer about the enterprise, about the nature of its activity, the product offered, and also to convey to the consumer the visual image of the enterprise. It is important to note that a corporate film can not only create motivation and train employees of an enterprise, but also contributes to the development of corporate culture in general. It is one of the means of creating a brand of an enterprise, a dialogue between an enterprise and an audience, as well as between employees of an enterprise. It can also be called that corporate film is a visual form of PR appeals.
Depending on the objectives, a corporate film can be of two types:

Informational(presentation, educational film, technological film, report on any event). Its goal is to inform the audience about the main structural elements and functions of the organization, its capabilities;

Image(video catalog, company presentation). His goal – the formation of a favorable image of the company. The film should show the brand with the best hand, without fail considering the uniqueness of the product or service. Also, it should be involved interviews with significant persons who are consumers and at the same time, the opinion of the expert is also important.

From the success of the presentation corporate video depends on whether the viewer will become a consumer of the product of this product or not.
Corporate video features
As mentioned earlier, the presentation film demonstrates the product of the enterprise to consumers and can be both internal use and external. You can use the corporate video for various events, promotions, as well as attract sponsors and establish contacts with other companies. Generally, the length of a video is up to 20–30 minutes, if such a duration is justified by the content. It should show the viewer information about the history of the company, the production of a product or service, demonstrate the properties and qualities of this product or service, show the first persons of the company.
One of the effective ways to create a successful presentation video is the participation of company employees. For the success of the presentation film, specialists of Adrenaline Studios perform work consistently, from the first stage to the last, and monitor the work at each of the stages.

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