How to Create Branded Content

How to Create Branded Content

How to Create Branded Content

Content can different: advertising, engaging, teaching, entertaining, etc. In general, the content should satisfy all of your subscribers and readers. Give them what they want to see, provide them with useful information. What about us? That is, the interests of our company, the brand. After all, we are starting to promote in social networks or start a blog not only to make readers happy. Every action has its goals. For a brand, they are most likely expressed in clear numbers and KPIs. Our agency is ready to create branded content of the highest quality, with the help of which can be raised the level of company.

So how to make a customer’s subscriber, if the ratio of promotional materials to general-purpose content, as you know, should be 70% to 30%, where advertising is only 30%? And even then already advertised brands and experts with a large audience can afford it. To solve this problem and helps branded content.

By adding company style elements or a company logo to your posts, you accustom subscribers to your materials. Subsequently, seeing your posts on the wall on social networks, users will respond to them positively. Also, branded content, in comparison to ordinary photos, looks more attractive.

Using branded content, you can still train, entertain, and, at the same time, completely unobtrusively show your brand. This content has no contraindications! It can be used in completely different areas: music, business, internet marketing, sales, etc.

So, branded content blurs clear boundaries between advertising and general content. With it, you can post informational and entertainment posts without giving up the advertising component.

Recently, similar content is used in almost all areas of marketing. These are, first of all, posts in social networks. And also branding of blogs, sites, videos.

Branded content is an optional, but extremely useful design element. With the help of such posts, you can add an advertising element to your entire strategy without straining or annoying users.When making the main thing – do not overdo it.

Can everyone brand their content?

Yes! The user does not like direct advertising, it is already too much of it, and if you have a chance to promote your brand at least visually and unobtrusively every day, then there is no reason to refuse it.

Now the second important question is whether to brand all content?

Here the approach should be more individual. If the brand is large and well-known, for example, Apple or Coca-Cola, then they already know and love it. And such content will not annoy users.

But if you are a young company and are already filling up the walls with posts with your huge logo, the reaction may be the opposite. Therefore, the phrase “everything is good in moderation” is quite applicable here. In addition, there is no need to put a logo on all posts. You can do this on a specific type of information and not every day.

It is advisable not to use all the elements of corporate identity at once, but to stop at one thing. Using branded content in a single style, you can achieve virality by distributing recognizable content across the Internet. Due to the existence of specialized services, you do not need to study graphic editors or hire a designer.

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