How to get Instagram followers in 2020

When you are just a beginner, it is interesting to imagine how many subscribers you may have. The main task is to attract Instagram followers.

But now it is necessary not to give up and persistently go to the goal. Attracting the first 10,000 Instagram followers is the most difficult task. Why? No one knows who you are. You have to convince Instagram users that they are facing a page of a successful and influential brand.

How to hit instagram followers?

Follow the tips from this guide and your instagram followers will reach the cherished mark of 10,000 in less than 6 months.

How to attract instagram followers – Digital Agency London

1. Connect organizations of mutual PR

Are you just studying how to attract instagram followers? Then try this tactic. To quickly gain the first thousand instagram followers, join the organizations of mutual PR. The advantage of this method is that you can enter a group of instagram followers that is close to you by subject.

Answer to everyone who likes you from your instagram followers, then you can quickly collect the initial base of instagram followers. But this will not be your target audience, the maximum is people interested in the subject.

Then why is it necessary to get instagram followers?

To strengthen the trust of users who will be on your page for the first time. Agree, a half-empty profile with 30 instagram followers does not motivate you to make a purchase.
However, remember that this strategy should be used with caution and only in the first few weeks of promotion.

It makes no sense to apply it in the long run.
Note: in addition to groups on social networks, many convenient third-party services will help you quickly and free to increase the number of instagram followers.

2. Use mass following and mass linking to attract Instagram followers

This strategy, unlike mutual PR, can be used in the long term. It has proven its effectiveness and brings valuable results. You can attract the target instagram followers and potential buyers with its help.

What is mass following and how does it bring you instagram followers?

Have you noticed that when someone likes you or subscribes to your account, a notification comes? You can examine the profiles of interest and decide whether to answer. This feature of Instagram formed the basis of mass following.

Find people on the social network who might be interested in your brand by hashtags and geotags. Selling products for children? Search for posts tagged with #soonmama. Do you offer an interesting service for motorists? Drive in the search for #carenthusiast or #autolady.

And go ahead, like (no more than 60 per hour) and sign up (here, too, do not overdo it, it is desirable that your profile has more subscribers than subscriptions). People will pay attention to you and may become your instagram followers.

Note: manually doing this is quite tedious, so you can use special services.

3. Request clients to share photos

If you are promoting a business on Instagram, it is necessary to strengthen the trust of instagram followers and offer them evidence of your honesty and decency.

If you do not have customers yet, ask friends and acquaintances to take a photo with your product or contact bloggers who have less than 5 thousand subscribers. Cooperation with them will not cost a pretty penny, but at the same time, it will help to gain such valuable trust of potential buyers.

Offer influencers partnership, in which they will receive a certain % for each sale involved.

If you have already bought before, contact customers and offer them a gift/coupon/cash reward for posting on Instagram a quality photo with your goods. For the first reviews, this is quite justified, but you should not use this approach all the time, you can easily go broke.

When new instagram followers see other customers sharing their photos, they will take it for granted, and completely free.

4. Get attention with content

Of course, you know that even the most expensive promotion methods will not save a profile with poor content. On Instagram, the picture is everything.
You have already heard about the quality of the photo more than once, this is obvious.

But there is another important point that motivates most people to be instagram followers. This is unity and coherence of style.

When a new visitor comes to your site, he wants to understand what content he will see if he subscribes. Do not mislead him. All your photos and videos should suit a single theme, vision, image. The same applies to texts. If you promise to be consistent you can quickly get to the cherished figure of 10,000 instagram followers.

5. Ignore hashtag publishing rules

Many experts and studies will tell you that you should use no more than 5-11 hashtags. Yes, they are right. But this does not concern newcomers like you. Use the power of hashtags to the fullest, because it is free and effective. Don’t be afraid to add all 30 valid hashtags to one post (best in the first comment).

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