How to grow up your start up business in 2020

Today, a startup is a hot topic, which is raised in social networks, blogs, co-working spaces and just among friends. But not many people fully imagine what it is, or they are simply mistaken in their guesses.

To begin with, a startup is a young company that is just starting to develop. It is initially funded and managed by a small number of founders or by one person. Such a company offers a product or service that is currently not provided by other firms, or, in the opinion of the founders, is not fully developed.

At the early stages, the costs of such companies tend to exceed their revenues. All this happens because they spend money on developing, testing and marketing ideas for a startup. Thus, a young business often needs financial support.

You can create a startup without investment, but for this, it is advisable to acquire the patronage of successful businessmen who will give practical advice and invest your idea.

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Startups are often funded from traditional loans from banks or lending communities, as well as business incubators. Least of all, you can get monetary support from local authorities.

Startup projects that can prove their potential can attract venture financing in exchange for a percentage of ownership of the company, as well as profitable ideas that may interest business angels.

There are many successful business incubators and venture funds in Ukraine. They serve as real catalysts for your ideas and can invest in a startup, but each organization has certain conditions.

To run a successful startup, you need to know two key rules:

  1. Find smart, creative and honest people for the team so that you will have the opportunity to make a product that customers want and love.
  2. Try to attract investment in a startup with as many attractive conditions as possible.

How to create a startup?

Starting a new business startup is not so simple, because it requires a lot of work, and no one can promise you that everything will end successfully. But if you want to avoid the possibility of failure as much as possible, we recommend that you pay attention to tips on how to make a startup perfect.

Start with something simple. It is much easier to make a simple product of high quality than to complicate the path of your business from the very beginning. The best startups in the world started small, for example, the initial version of the well-known Facebook was primitively simple, and the original Google was just a web page with a text box and two buttons.

But all this yielded tremendous results because users loved this simplicity and accessibility. The iPhone is much easier to use than any other smartphone, and this brand was the first to truly take care of user convenience.

Most large business owners were not born to be entrepreneurs, and many did not even plan to achieve such success. Nevertheless, for those owners who have already succeeded in their endeavors, the swings of blows to the business are no longer so shocking. They learned to let them pass by themselves to enjoy the growth of capital and professional success.

Once you have your own business, and it works productively, some customers buy your goods or services, then you need to take some measures to maintain this positive trend. You must do everything so that your business not only stays afloat but also begins to flourish.

Regardless of your industry, if you follow these four basic tips, your successful startup will grow even faster.

Spend more time selling your products or services.

Your new business depends only on you and your efforts. This is your dream and the idea that inspired you. Most recently, you only thought: “how to create your startup,” and now it is in your hands. That’s why you should focus as much as possible on managing the sales process.

This is especially important in the early stages of your business. Of course, you have a load of other questions and responsibilities, but you should still try to devote as much time as possible to the sales process.

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Do not try to cope with everything alone.

If you do all the things yourself, then very quickly “burn out” and lose strength, and maybe the whole business. When you are constantly sprayed and burdened with many tasks, you can achieve almost nothing but make your life miserable and stressful.

You must learn to delegate tasks to other colleagues who can easily handle this, so you will have time to focus on more important things. When you learn how to do business in this way, you will attract more potential customers, conclude more transactions. And most importantly, you can watch how startup ideas from scratch have grown to the heights of a successful business.

Watch out for pricing and don’t make popular mistakes. Too often, new business owners may put a small selling price on their products or services. This is very characteristic of a beginner who is thus trying to fight competitors.

But later it is discovered that some important expenses were not taken into account in this selling price. Proper pricing is very important, as it will help you sell, maximizing your chances of selling again.

When setting the price, you need to take into account: the uniqueness of your products or services, operating costs, advertising costs, the expected life of the product, consumer demand and the prices of your competitors.

Many business owners are afraid to raise prices, fearing that they will lose customers. But low prices do not always attract crowds of buyers of services or goods. For example, such successful startups, and now giant companies like Apple or Microsoft, maintain their image and sell their products at fairly high prices without any problems.

Be active in marketing.

The fact that you have many customers at the moment does not mean that the same will happen in a week, month or year. Active marketing will help your business grow. Often, new enterprises put their products on the market in the hope that people themselves will knock on their doors.

But this is unlikely to happen. Instead of waiting for potential customers, you need to search for them yourself with the help of one or more direct marketing tactics, such as electronic marketing, telesales, sales through people and others.

It is important to remember that it often takes several contact attempts before a customer makes a purchasing decision. You are required to be patient and persistent here.

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