How to Hire a Project Manager

How to Hire a Project Manager

How to Hire a Project Manager

If you want to hire a project manager, you should seek for a person, who, besides having a diploma of professional programmer,   should meet some special characteristics. Read the information below, and you will understand which principles Adrenaline Studios uses when seeking for these people.


Interpersonal skills

Position of a project manager is suitable for sociable people who like a brainstorm. He communicates with clients, with the project team, with each specialist individually.

This is a job where he constantly learns new things. In addition to technical knowledge inside the company, he is ready to become a pro in the client’s business.

This is an opportunity to apply his organizational skills. The manager always intuitively knows who and how quickly will cope with the task.


Helping others

Position of a project manager is for those who like to help people and observe how the client’s business develops. He does the following things:

– teaches beginners;

– speaks at specialized conferences;

– writes to the blog.


Much work

project manager (PM) can have several projects at a time. This is an eternal race and the need to constantly be aware of the trends of Internet marketing: what are the working pieces, new effective tools, profitable channels for advertising. At the same time, it is necessary to follow the deadlines, coordinate the work of the team, and be able to delegate tasks.



The complicated negotiations with a difficult client are probably not as difficult as responsibility. PM is the face of the company. Any mistake of the employee of the team, unsuccessful promotion strategy and responsibility for the failure falls on this person. Bad reputation, loss of money (client and company), time which was lost can be the result of unfair work of PM. Therefore, not everyone is suitable for such organizational activities.



However, Adrenaline Studios agency does not have strict requirements for this person. The main thing is soft skills, as well as an understanding of what SEO is and context. The main thing is to be ready to develop professional skills.

Depending on the project, PM in Adrenaline Studios works in a team with PPC and SEO specialists, web analysts, sales managers, and other experts. The client does not need to seek from the SEO specialist details: how, when and what will be done. This is the task of the project manager. He is responsible for the marketing strategy to be implemented as agreed with the client. PM is the link between the client and the company.


The work organization

Much time is spent on the organization of work in a team. It depends on PM how clearly the goal is formulated, how the team members will understand it, and what path will be chosen.

The PM coordinates the work of:

– advertising specialist;

– programmers;

– designers;

– accountants.


PM is the person who is ready not only to analyze the situation but come up to the solution to the problem. PM translates information received from the client into a sequential list of tasks with priorities set. Therefore, the project manager speaks equally well in two languages: “client’s”- the language of business objectives and strategies, and “technical” — the language of professional terms.

When you talk with a person who wants to work as PM, you should share all this information with him to be sure that he is ready to do all these tasks and he will do it well.

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