How to Hire Business Analyst

A business analyst is one of the most sought after positions in the companies and digital marketing agencies like Adrenaline Studios. However, sometimes, it is not easy to find the right person to do this job. Here are the main strategies that will help you to find this employee and hire the right person.

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The basis of business analytics is the transformation of fairly general questions (for example, “why do people cancel a subscription to a service?”) Into a set of specific and specific questions — those that can be answered through data analysis. And for this, you need to have some knowledge about the subject of analysis – you should be able to construct hypotheses (eg, maybe people unsubscribe because they left the company, or because their IT department rejected the request, or …) and understand where to look for answers. The best statistics in the world will be helpless when they can not understand the context of a particular situation.

Theorists, in this case, can refer to such a thing as “knowledge in the subject area”. But, in fact, the whole essence of the question boils down to the ability to understand what exactly you are looking for and where you can find the answer to your question.

In this case, there is no easy way – you need endurance and the ability to thoroughly delve into the subject of research to achieve results. Just open yourself to the flow of all sorts of information: read as much as you can about the business and industry in which you work, participate in any discussion that at least indirectly concerns the subject matter. And you will definitely have the necessary expertise.

Technical interview

A technical interview is probably the main stage of the evaluation of the applicant. Its essence is to understand whether the candidate has the qualities and skills necessary to perform the work. Of course, there are a huge number of types of interviews — they can be individual or group, the talk in the office, by telephone or online, and so on. But at the same time, there are a number of typical themes that somehow rise during each of them.

No experience, but you see much knowledge

A technical interview is based on finding out the knowledge of the applicant. First, it will be a theoretical “experience”. The candidate, in his own words, must be able to explain what he knows about the development process, with which he will have to face, whether he understands with whom he will need to work, whether he is familiar with the types of requirements.

Of course, this is just an introduction, but it is already possible to understand if the applicant has the basic knowledge about the position of a business analyst. The lack of systematized basic knowledge of a business analyst can lead to incidents at interviews. It happens, when a person, having experience in performing a certain task, cannot tell about the details and share the accumulated knowledge. Thus, the applicant must be able to explain everything that he knows correctly and clearly.

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Then an important question for a new specialist comes: how did he understand the process of working with business requirements? If you are looking for a candidate to work with a special module in the system, in which you need to configure according to some rules and have a specific education, you may exclude a conversation on business requirements, since these tasks are not critical. The applicant must understand the context of his work.

The question on business requirements is needed for seeing whether a person understands how to build work with the customer, which is important to pay attention to and so on.

People with an enterprise-experience, for example, ex-employees of a bank have this experience. Understanding comes faster when people have gained experience in performing business processes and realize the importance of business requirements.

Further, the issues of working with other types of requirements and documenting techniques are usually discussed. In order to test the level of this knowledge and get a complete picture, use an additional written task.

Writing assignment for future business analysts

The next part of the technical interview for an applicant is a written assignment that shows which particular practical techniques for documenting requirements are owned by the candidate and which document templates are familiar with. As a rule, a task that is related to a subject area that is familiar to a future analyst is given to him. The applicant must build a process, describe the object model of the information space, highlight the main activities in the process, prepare and describe the scenarios of these activities.

It is always monitored in this task, with which the candidate begins work. If he has enough knowledge, then he understands that you need to start with a business and tries to describe the business process. Then he looks at what activities can be automated — he shows them in the form of scripts. The ultimate goal of the stage is to see here the practical application of knowledge on the construction of processes, description of scenarios and data structure, activity decomposition.

These are the main strategies that you should use when interviewing an applicant for the position of business analyst.

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