How to Hire IT Manager

Whatever it comes to ordering custom made IT products, one of the most vital aspects of the procedure is to hire an IT management company that will be in charge of the process. There are a variety of different products that could be ordered including software programs, development of the websites, design mobile apps or producing online games and monetizing it.

The manager’s task will be to control every process that includes marketing, product production, making analysis, implementing the latest technologies and making sure that the final product is competitive on the market.

How to attract young IT professionals?

Graduates with experience of up to 1 year or without him admitted that it is difficult to start full-time work immediately after high school: 42% of respondents consider it useful to have an internship in a large company, and 26% consider completing specialized courses.
But, choosing between a junior position in a small company or a startup and a free internship in a large company, they will still prefer the first one (46% versus 20%). Therefore, for large companies, a good alternative to regular internships is their own school of programmers, in the framework of which you can interest candidates and evaluate their real abilities. This requires serious time and labor costs, but they will surely pay off: in HeadHunter such a school has been successfully operating for 5 years.

What is not worth doing?

The same as when hiring representatives of other professions: to be rude (especially the inhabitants of the Northern capital do not like this), to keep silent about the reasons for the refusal or the results of the interview, give little information about the vacancy, suppress candidates’ questions and hide the amount of wages.

It is interesting that young specialists with experience up to 1 year or without experience more sharply than senior colleagues react to the reluctance of recruiters to pick up the phone and give information about the company. In the future, such a candidate may refuse a profitable offer in a company where he already had a negative experience.

Why you should use our services in IT management in Digital Agency London?

The process of IT management is a very complex thing. This is based on the fact that technologies and innovations in the IT industry are changing rapidly. This is an ongoing process hence implementing the right thing and making sure that a company, which is in charge of the process is capable to implement the right things that will last and make sure that the product is competitive is very important. The other thing that the IT management company should provide is the fleet of qualified specialists that will be able to enhance the latest technologies into the desired product that is ordered by a client.

The IT manager will also be responsible to organizing the logistics between different departments such as marketing, design and development as well as to make sure that cooperation with the client goes well along the process of producing the product. Marketing aspects also play very significant role because it has to be assessed and understood clearly what competition is like, the segment where the product will be positioned, and what competitors have in their hands. It is also crucial to analyze the prospects of how and in what way situation on the market can change in the foreseeable future, so that the product is made with this changes beard in mind.

Overall there are lots of things that will have to be carried out by the IT manager and we can proudly say that every mission that we were on in the past has been managed exceptionally well. Every single IT product that we have made was a sheer success and thousands of happy customers were kept very happy! We are confident that irrespective of the project difficulties and its level of challenge we can accomplish the mission successfully!

How to hire an IT manager and why we are the best in it?

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Because of our track record, we are absolutely confident that our company can manage every single task and turn every project that we manage into a storming and profitable tool. For that reason, we can easily provide suggestions on how an IT manager should be hired and what characteristics he should have. We would recommend every potential individual or business to approach this matter providently and carefully as no mistake can be made. So, here is what we can recommend:

  • Please, avoid these who use only generic slogans because usually there is nothing behind the slogans.
  • Make sure you check whether the fleet of qualified specialists does exist in reality.
  • Wonder whether references from previous customers can be provided.
  • Please, check these references and particularly the quality of the product that has been received.
  • Look at the products that have been made and at what is currently under development, particularly in terms of graphics, technologies, and functionality.
  • Look to what extent the products are better than what competitors offer.
  • Please, do not hesitate to ask to provide you with the tour to see how the working process is managed and established as a whole.

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